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Just the version I got on;  I'll be trying the Patreon version shortly.

I can assure you it does not.  Please see attached;  "Larisa Moreno" is partially obscured, and you cannot see those below her.

Sure!  You know that panel on the right hand side where all your residents are listed?  That one.

I would really like to see scroll-bars, in general, on all of the character lists;  this latest run-through, I was filling up my mansion, and the result got rather cumbersome, and it got hard to actually get to characters that wound up out-of-frame.    (This is happening on the Windows version, btw.)

That's really weird.  I never would have guessed that because none of the other level-ups seemed to require it.

One of the harem needs hair dye to level.  I've bought hair dye and given it to her, even had her use it, and she still hasn't levelled up--still says she needs hair dye.

I had a rather long loop occur involving "Read Mind" and "Shield Bash" that went for a few hours before I managed to draw up enough shields fast enough to take my opponent to card.

I rather like the drag-the-card interface--if you decide to change it, please allow the option to keep it. I found that it kept me from making the types of mistakes one-click and keyboard commands would cause.  Also, I was thinking it would be cool if "omelette" added (current number of eggs collected) to the max HP rather than just a straight +3 and then the count of eggs collected could drop to zero;  the "omelette" card could then only appear once (number of eggs collected)>1.  Alternately, if the cards are "pre-drawn", the max HP bonus could just be (1+number of eggs collected).  Any balance issues can be made with drops of a single gold piece.