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I'm buying this, and I'm going to make cute stuff with it ;)

I think the buns were the main culprit :)

I loved the art music and the overall concept!
I only stopped playing because food kept duplicating itself in some kind of bug so it was hard to see what I was doing ^^'

Interesting concept with some nice art. I think it has potential

I love the concept The creature editor is really well executed It's a shame you didn't have more time!

This was really ambitious first game for a jam! I love the concept and the monster definitely sounds gross and looks pretty spooky with those glowing eyes.

I couldn't get past the first monster and there's a lot missing but I'd say this was a really awesome attempt! Good job

I'd say maybe a bit shallower of a starting difficulty curve would have been good for bad players like me  :)

I am not good enough at this game to get anywhere at all xD
I did  run into a bug, if you die to the starting spikes it respawns you super far into the level

Yeah Much the same for me! I'd love to see this game working though!

Great work for your first jam! As you said there's a lot of jank, but that's only natural under the circumstances! I thought the meta humor in the dialogue was pretty great, and although there is a lot of polish missing from the combat and movement I'm still pretty impressed! 

 I look forward to seeing your future entries. :)

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The Game was a good bit of fun and the cutscene at the start of the game was really awesome!
Overall I think this is a really fun and novel entry with some funny dialogue,  you guys knocked it out of the park.

Both the art and the music were really great, I thought it all held together super well for only having a week to make this!

Although I like the UI art and the isometric keys, they can be hard to read, it took me a while to realize the starting key was J and not 3 ^^'

It might have also been good to include interacting with computers as part of the tutorial, it took me a while to find out I could delete incriminating emails instead of bonking the computers

I managed to make it to Floor 31 till I ran into an invisible computer haha.

Pretty cute and surprisingly challenging! Id have loved it they're was a bit of a barrier between the bugs and the game window since if they get too close to the edges it's pretty hard to draw circles around em, my personal best was 1650.

Great submission!

I thought this was a pretty fun idea! I always really enjoy games where you get to customize your little guy in both how they look and how they play, I would have loved to see different parts have more varied effects!
Also as it stands your best option is to just pick your strongest move.
But otherwise I thought it was a very charming idea.

Here's the little guy I made, I call him Bartholomew 

Same! which is a shame because this is totally my kind of game, I'll come back to this tomorrow incase a fix gets pushed.

Yeah we were playing with the idea of making a puzzle metroid-vania at one point but we had to seriously scale back the scope to even finish within the extended timeframe haha 

Very fun idea! I just wish I had a bit more inventory space and certain things like crafting were a bit easier to understand, I figured it out eventually but the inventory space was a real problem!

Seriously witty and funny! 
The final mini game of working on the game was pretty accurate.
I enjoyed pretty much all of the minigames except for balancing books and watering plants, I felt like it was really easy to lose more stability watering plants than you'd gain so I'd just water a few and give up xD 
Where as the books physics was super wonky and I felt like I couldn't do much to save my points.

Other than that it was a seriously awesome little game, the way spork jumps into the bed is also hilarious.

I find the art very charming!
A few times I'd restart and get own zoned by a green plant that was still on the platform from my previous attempt.

Being able to jump around and change weight is great, the character controls pretty well.
Nice job!I find the art very charming!
A few times I'd restart and get own zoned by a green plant that was still on the platform from my previous attempt.

Being able to jump around and change weight is great, the character controls pretty well.
Nice job!

Thank you for the high praise!
Yeah we definitely ended up straying from the theme as we designed the game, our team has pretty much universally agreed to tighten up our scope for next time, and hopefully that will help us stick to our theme a bit better ;)

Thank you for the high praise! It's a rare treat for me to make a majority of the art assets in a project so I went all out this time ;D