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Played the other night and ended up with a lot of questions, including things mentioned in the book but never defined or explained.

Inflicting 2 wounds vs minions with only 1hp... Is the extra damage is wasted?

What about using the Reapers scythe "vs groups"?

How is area attack intended to work?

Hope do you handle disadvantage when rolling with the Beast die? Roll all 4 dice and then drop the lowest? Or roll 3 normal dice, drop lowest, and then add Beast die to that?

Conditions are never actually explained. They're kind of intuitive for players, but how would they work against enemies? 

Amulet? How does armor work in this game?

How much Blood can you spend on a single roll? Can you spend Blood first to get a +1, roll badly, and then spend Blood for a reroll?

When a player attacks an ally (Beast loses control etc), I assume they roll the Attack move. How much HP loss is each "wound" the attacker inflicts? I assume the defender can use the Dodge move.

Trauma is wildly dangerous, which is ok, but it's VERY unpredictable. Even Minor Trauma will do 5-6 HP damage somewhat regularly. Perhaps change the damage scale (use smaller dice?) or change it to a flat number of Wounds, the same as enemies use.

Page 4: Practical or Talented. Then on page 5 it asks if you're Practical or -Gifted-

Needs a proofreading run again

Thank you for making this!

You're the best

Fabulous! Not sure how soon I'll get to play it, but I really really want to. Next question: where does one find the online character keeper you mention? It's... Very helpful to have these days, when it's a horrible night for a curse

I read this entire thing instantly and can't wait to try it out. One inconsistency I have spotted is that in Character Creation, you put your 3 attributes at 0, +1, +2. But the pregens at the end are all -1, 0, +1 instead.