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Thank you! 

Oh... I totally missed that hashtag haha. Maybe better if you put it somewhere in the main text so people like me doesn't miss it.

Since there's no twitter hashtag or discord (if there are then let me know), let's share some of your work-in-progress screenshots or arts or music and stuff.

I'll start:

Tbh I don't know if I could even finish a game but let's see how it goes.

lmao definitely got the feel of the cartridge.

Nice. Is there no sound though?

Even Strange Girl's route is good as well. She's mysterious all around. For what it's worth, here's my uhhh gameplay video of it. 

Hey man, really great job! I was actually engrossed by the story and the art is really good! And the music really fits in nicely. I was actually disappointed because it ended lol. I don't know if it's a bug, but is her name supposed to be Raven-haired girl? haha.

Haha thank you! But I probably can't finish it lol.

Sent a pm on discord. Thank you!


Wow.. she looks sooo cute!

Meh.. might as well be the one starting. This is my sketch.

Anybody got screenshots of their work in progress? Lemme see your waifus.

Thank you!

fyi on my pc, avira's giving me a false positive. (HEUR/APC) 

What do you mean by seamless?

Having to press the arrow key each time to move (rather than just holding it) makes the game pretty annoying.

Otherwise a good entry for a very first game. Congrats!

I'll be doing a WebGL release some time after this. I'm having problem with SQLite and they don't seem to work well with WebGL, something I wasn't aware of. Thanks!