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Such a simple but clever idea.  Love it.

Great aesthetics.

Quality - good design and control responses.

These new maps are fantastic. Great design and variety.

Thanks for the reply.


Please can you clarify the no background rule:

  • Is that no new backgrounds? Or all backgrounds including those in the core book?
  • If your adventure describes a character, can you state what their background is without giving stats? E.g. Character X (Red Priest)

Such a elegantly designed game.  Totally plug & play and great example of a One Page RPG.

Well designed, simple concept, brim full of ideas crammed into the 24XX format.

I'm in a similar position, not gonna get finished today.  Would love to submit to the Jam but understand if no further extensions are possible.  Will still publish in due course regardless.

Amazing concept. Bravo.

Love this!

Jack Kirby meets One punch man.  freaking genius concept and top notch aesthetics.  

Yeah - the look went from "blueprints" to more "old plans".  

Good suggestion in the modifiers on low ink / low ink versions.  Reminded me to add one for my submission.

Thanks! Yep - the back story is where the real fun begins!

Great idea with the loot being skittles, etc.  High stakes!

Second this idea.

Thank you! Big fan of your game raptor 2057.  Will have to check out the expansion.

Best of luck on your next heist.

This is an inspired idea and design.  Love the expansions too.

Quality design and concept.  Could probably be used to settle arguments too!

Great concept!

Simple but highly effective.  Will be using for sure.

What a great hack!

Great Maps.  The Pinnacle is an inspired concept.

Amazing looking cards.