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To anyone having troubles unzipping the file on windows, right click the .zip file, click properties, then check the unblock box.

If this task feels intimidating, you're going to love this game.

Very nice design. Although I'm not sure the hacking was taking the security and espionage stats into account.

Also, this happened:

Did we run out of mergers?

Very fun game. Makes you think. Unfortunately, the non-determinism reduces it to trying to click all the blocks as quickly as possible.

Also, this happened:

Each floor has good humour and Great art.You should submit everyone's paintings to a website!

Neat game. The final level was an action sequence!

Fun game! I found myself mashing O more than once.

Weird, on the windows version, Every picture is of the entire island.

You need to upload more than the executable for windows, the data folder should also be there.

Whoa. That was a particularly difficult game.

I'm pretty sure the final(?) level is nearly impossible.

Some possible improvements:

  • The floor texture could be changed to a more contrasting one, given that when flung at high speeds, I could get disoriented really fast.
  • Tighten the collision box(Or increase the sprite size) on the enemies, Near dodges are a lot more satisfying than fake hits.
  • Momentum-based movement is awesome, feels unresponsive sometimes. Perhaps a speed cap and/or an acceleration increase in lit areas would help.
Despite that, all arround challenging mechanic! Good job!

A true test of patience. And arm strength