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I just posted in the Steam forum. So now people know the current price (previous posts had it at $19.99 and $14.99)and hopefully they'll come check it out. :)

Thanks for the help. That did the trick. Normally I wouldn't need to worry about the background but for my visual novel maker program it needs a transparent background for each character. So I'm kind of the odd duck use here.

I'm actually learning two programs to make visual novels. One is TyrannoBuilder, which I bought from Steam. They have a stickied thread there with a list of resources for various graphics and music. Would it be OK if I added a link to Mannequin either in that thread or start my own? Mannequin is exactly what we're looking for when it comes to characters for our stories. And at only $9.99 for life, not to mention the ease of use of the program, I'm sure you'll get quite a number of people trying the software and hopefully a number of them will buy it. Most of us are programmers by nature, and programmers don't tend to do well when it comes to creating images from scratch. Mannequin will be a godsend to them.

I've tried changing the background color and using a solid-color png image as my background. But in both cases when I export to png or psd the background is black. Is there a way to change this in Mannequin? I know how to change it in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements so if you haven't implemented this yet it's no big deal. I was just wondering if I could save myself an editing step.

Great program by the way. I'm creating characters to use in my visual novels. Mannequin is hands-down the best 2D character creator I've found for either Windows or Android. And believe me, I've tested plenty of programs. It's just a shame that Google doesn't list Mannequin higher up in the search results. But don't get me started on the steaming pile of feces that is Google (the entire company) and it's parent Alphabet. :P

Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough reply. You've put my mind at ease. I'm downloading the game right now and I'm looking forward to playing it. Here's hoping I've found a new favorite. And again, I admire you for creating a game based on such a sensitive issue as mental illness.

I've been intrigued by the premise of this story since I'm bipolar and have been hospitalized a few times. But two things in your game description make me very leery of playing it since you seem to have some very wrong ideas about mental illness. OCD and panic attacks (or as you say, panic disorder) are NOT reasons someone would be hospitalized. No doctor in their right mind would hospitalize someone just because of those diagnoses. PLEASE tell me you have written the patients as someone who actually knows something about mental illness and not just what you have heard and read on the internet and seen in movies and TV. Those of us with mental illnesses are VERY sensitive to how we're portrayed in popular entertainment (including games) BECAUSE so many people treat us according to what they THINK they know about mental illness, which is too often dead wrong and VERY misinformed.

So am I going to be insulted by your portrayal of the patients or am I going to have a positive experience? I'm hoping for the latter but in my experience too often it's the former. Just as an example, from watching things like Judge Judy all too many people think that because I'm bipolar I'm going to be very nice to them one minute and trying to kill them the next. That's not someone with bipolar disorder (which 99% of us would NEVER even THINK of hurting anyone else) but that IS a psychopath, which is something else entirely.

I'm quite honestly awaiting your reply because most people wouldn't even set a game or a story in a mental hospital (which in most hospitals is really no different than any other unit in the hospital, although in most hospitals it's simply called the psychiatric unit). So as I said at the beginning, your story synopsys has me very interested.