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Explains the false advertising. These are about as far from being pixel art as you could possibly get.

Just beat World 3. Some feedback as to how the game could be improved:

- Increase the player's jump height ever so slightly. Some of the jumps in the later levels get annoyingly precise to the point of demanding literal pixel-perfect precision, which isn't particularly fun. A slight increase in the player's jump height would alleviate some of that.

- If a destructible wall hasn't been destroyed, have barrels respawn at their original location when they explode. This way, the player could try the shot again without having to reset the entire level.

- The above would also apply to the green things that let you shoot your spear onto metal walls, but I'm not sure how respawning them would work while ensuring they can't be abused.

Other than that, game's pretty fun. The music is a highlight for me. :)

I can guess where the inspiration for the modifier came from.

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ChromeOS is apparently Linux-based, so I'd imagine you can run the Linux build on it. If I had a Chromebook to test with, I would, but alas...

Glad you liked it. c:

Well, I did work on this alone. I'm not much of a pixel artist and even less of a voice actor, so I knew the end result with regards to the latter wasn't gonna be up to snuff, but I wanted to do it anyway. The interactable points are a good idea, chances are I'll add them in and put out an update.

I appreciate the feedback! c:

Best game I've ever not played.

10/10 would offer to compose the soundtrack for again.

Awesome game, loved the puzzle element you got going on here!

That's definitely quite curious. You're sure your Z key isn't broken either?

There is a Windows build. In fact, it's the only one available.

That's... odd. I'll update the game and add an alternate keybind. Thanks for reporting.

Nice atmosphere.

I'm guessing the red sawblade things are supposed to be obstacles? Because they don't even deal damage, you can just walk through them unscathed.

Other than that potential bug, cool stuff. Liked the music especially. c:

Would you be able to share a screenshot of where you got stuck? I did my best to make sure there'd be no softlock spots when designing the map, but chances are I accidentally created one anyway.

Does this game not have any sounds/music or did they just not work for me for some reason?

I do hope to expand upon this down the line. I sort of just rushed this out right before going on a trip.

Having some information about the controls would be cool. I instinctively defaulted to the arrow keys before trying out WASD, and if there isn't a reset button, I'd definitely add one. Wouldn't need to refresh the page that way. Not bad otherwise, though.

It doesn't as far as I'm aware. Like I said, it just struck me as slightly odd that I couldn't select the target path for the plugin where I've been able to do so for every other plugin I use. I generally make a "custom" folder on my drive where I install all my plugins - makes things more organized in a way - and if I can't select to install a plugin to that specific folder, I tend to wander around the filesystem looking for it. And wandering around the filesystem looking for a file is never ideal.

Anyway, played around with this for a bit. Certainly a fun little tool - I'm happy that there's finally a distortion plugin that makes me feel like Mick Gordon in a single package. Good work! c:

I find it a bit odd (and frankly dumb) that the installer doesn't let you select the target path. Wasn't too hard to find the plugin in my files, thankfully, but take that as an improvement suggestion.

Ah yeah, that. Thanks for reporting, I'll fix it ASAP.

Do you remember where exactly said pit was? I'm fairly positive that there are no softlock spots in the game - you should be able to get back up from any room as long as you use the High Jump.

Simple game, but pretty fun. Music's a definite highlight.

Lovely game, and very fun too!

Yeah, I'm aware that that's a thing that can happen. I did do my best to tweak the timings so that it wouldn't be so common at the very least.

You can switch to the High Jump spell with the A button.

Thanks, glad you like it! c:

Thanks! :)

Adding any more colors to cycle through is practically impossible with the way I had to implement the one-button system so that it wouldn't break. What the Space bar is doing is essentially toggling a flag attached to the player, and the bullet collision logic is based upon whether that flag is on or off. It's more foolproof that way - trying to do the same with an integer value in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is incredibly prone to breaking and a pain in the ass to work around. I appreciate the feedback, though. c:

Not so sure it's really that original, but thanks. :D

That's just

Can't see why not.

Kiitoksia. :)

I did try to implement a score counter, but I had to scrap it when I started running into problems where it wouldn't display in-game. Don't know if I messed up importing the graphics for it or if it's something else that went wrong. Thanks at any rate. c:

Well, you definitely nailed the theme here. X'D

I actually tried to implement a score counter, but I ran into problems where it didn't want to display in-game. It technically worked otherwise, but it just didn't show up in the game, even when I tweaked every setting I could and re-imported the graphics for it God knows how many times. So it unfortunately had to be scrapped.

I managed to somehow take it a step further and glitch all of them out. XD

Certainly an interesting concept. I like how the controls can be bound per session as well. I do have one question, though: is the game actually infinite or is there an ending point? I'd imagine there's a theoretical ending point somewhere, but it's such a high value that players will either quit or fail before ever reaching it.