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Santtu "MFG38" Pesonen

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Kiitoksia. :)

I did try to implement a score counter, but I had to scrap it when I started running into problems where it wouldn't display in-game. Don't know if I messed up importing the graphics for it or if it's something else that went wrong. Thanks at any rate. c:

Well, you definitely nailed the theme here. X'D

I actually tried to implement a score counter, but I ran into problems where it didn't want to display in-game. It technically worked otherwise, but it just didn't show up in the game, even when I tweaked every setting I could and re-imported the graphics for it God knows how many times. So it unfortunately had to be scrapped.

I managed to somehow take it a step further and glitch all of them out. XD

Certainly an interesting concept. I like how the controls can be bound per session as well. I do have one question, though: is the game actually infinite or is there an ending point? I'd imagine there's a theoretical ending point somewhere, but it's such a high value that players will either quit or fail before ever reaching it.

Ran into the same problem myself. I unzipped the game several times and kept wondering why it "wasn't extracting" the EXE itself, and when I consulted my AV, it turned out it'd quarantined the file. But I restored the EXE and the game worked perfectly afterwards.

Oddly enough, it didn't happen with the original non-HD version.

Never heard of an antivirus complaining about Unity EXEs. Either way, the file is safe.

Nevermind, figured it out.

Now I feel like a total idiot...

I'm digging the overall concept, but is there a way to get through the no-oxygen area? I keep dying in there and I can't seem to find any items that would help.

Good point about the auto-reset. I was too lazy to make anything of the sort at the time, though.

Either way, thanks! c: