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That is very encouraging. Great, that you got all the way to the end. Thank you for playing! 

Electro Knight community · Created a new topic Feedback

Hi there, thanks for sharing the game!

Everything works fine, no bugs encountered...

I played it through and liked it a lot.

The weapons are cool and make it worth playing again, just to see which new weapons show up.

I like the one word introductions to the levels! Its a great way to give a teaser for what is coming up and I think you can infinitely expand on that idea.

The keyboard controls work perfectly (will there be controller support in the future?)

- The second time I was facing the boss, I thought it was a bit repetitive.
I felt, he could have half the energy, because once the pattern was figured out it was only grinding through the motions.

- Sometimes, when there were straight corridors in one direction, I felt they could be shorter or might be with some obstacles to mix the hopping in one direction a bit up.

- Generally, I felt, the levels could be a bit smaller and tighter. More condensed. E.g. the boss would run all the way to the other side, but that would also work in a level half the size and might lead to more fighting. Might be tinier dungeons but more levels?

- Some monsters (like the red one in the "hell" level) seemed to take their turn, but not go anywhere. 
It seemed like they would hop to a wall and back in the same turn? It was hard to see what they were trying to do.

- Fighting is very intuitive, I love that you just have to point to an enemy.

- Switching weapons also works great.

Thats my feedback :)
Thanks again for the game!
Keep up the great work!   

He he, yea, some keys are hard to find :)

Thank your for the video! Awesome! 

Yes you can find all the golden pearls and all the keys and unlock a secret.... The game does not end after the credits :)

In the final game there will be shops and puzzles were you can spend the diamonds. I am working on that at the moment.

Volcanic Bomb is a platform game with metroidvania elements.

It's about a tiny knight in a world of active volcanoes.

This is a development demo  (about an hour of gameplay).

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Fun Demo! Thanks a lot! I wish you great success with the game!