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I have finally satisfied all the actor's unhinged needs and won (after breaking way too many exquisite Italian items.) Thank you for the hint (as well as the one below about farnxl uvatrf)!

This is not a bug, it is merely a consequence of the text of the pi and half cards.

The resetting to 3 or 0 is an on-play effect, while increasing is an on-stand effect. If you lock the card, then the on-play effect doesn't activate, so the card stops resetting.

almost done but can't figure out how to get ophelia and clovis satisfied at once can I have a hint ?

Or rather, the hermit cards ;)

Synthesizers are definitely weird. I made one and connected it to an organics lab (which didn't work.) Then I connected it to an organics-requiring planet. The synthesizer showed it was producing organics, but it was supplying them to the lab instead of the planet.

it's true that the 0.5 and pi cards increase their value on stand but the ace's effect is "while in play, value is 11 unless bust limit exceeded, then value changes to 1" so the value not resetting to 11 seems like a bug to me

negative health on ID cards is supported now, after damage dealt the enemy has -169/45 health

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Haha Chipotle Pepper has a nice interaction with The Victim card (and now Carduus Acanthoides and Trap Card as well with the new update)

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I said "move to owner's discard pile" as a way to circumvent locked cards without complicated phrasing, because the text is long enough already. This would also use the interaction where locked cards that are moved somewhere other than the play pile remain locked.

If the ribbons were worth 2 instead of 3, then to create a blackjack with 3 ribbons each one could gain 5 value and then reset later. (In addition to being the value of the cards, 5 is also the value of the Akatan / Aotan combo.) I was actually thinking the different types of ribbons could have different functions. Poetry Ribbon could be another all-suits-at-once card, while Blue Ribbon could be spades or nothings and have an additional blackjack effect.

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Rain Man (0):

On Play: Choose to add a Poetry Ribbon or a Blue Ribbon to your draw, play, and discard piles, then burn this card.

Ribbon (7):

On Play: If you have two ribbons of the same type already in play, move all other cards in play to owner's discard pile. You and opponent are each forced to stand, and your bust limit is set to 21.

Possible bug: If the value of a locked ace is increased by The Victim card, it won't reset to 1 or 11 until the next time your bust limit is exceeded

Wait how could it go infinite in the first place?

wait there is? I can't find it (trying Power of Posting)

oh yeah, right... it is mentioned in the devlog around v0.11...

Suggestion: Swap the effects of V the Hierophant and III the Empress. I don't know anything about tarot cards so this might not reflect the tarot cards, but it would make the effects of III the Empress and IV the Emperor mirror each other.

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huh, for me the basement is easier to farm

also, I would suggest for the developers more cards/events that add copies of the same cards such as Coin Flip, Memory Card, and Terminate the Tower

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I can't figure out the middle secret, the one that says "On the isle guarded by all four towers"

edit: Never mind. Power of Posting!

yes they still are awesome if you wait long enough though

yes that works just as well

this Moon behavior is completely intentional. I'm not sure whether it is meant to display the innate treachery, though.

completely intended, manager stole XVIII The Moon which shrouds opponent's (your) cards and manager does triple damage

old baseball card is too good for this, probably something like on click heal 4 hp on discard burn would be better

actually you can activate on click effects of your opponent's cards if you have advantage

now your thought process is occupied by warping

I said look at help parse, we don't need that anymore since you already said that...

Which commands do you have?

maybe, it's hard to tell when just typing

um the lower cycle numbers are better

Almost there... I can't seem to cross together with the artifact.

Yay! I re-100%ed the game! :)

Yes, I've found all the commands...

I found all three password hints but can't seem to put them together

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The return of shield OS I see, nice to see it again after Status Code. Great game, even though I haven't finished :)


This refers to the ????????? program. Clicking the button at one of these times produces a mine (only once)

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whoops forgot to hide this

ok I found them, they're inside the fortress

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so I found the secret place with lamps, how would I know I've solved the puzzle? like do I just get a lamp, or do I have to dig or something?

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ok cool, I'm stuck on the secret puzzle now

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I don't even know where those clues are, currently looking for them

you have to solve the puzzle first, maybe it has something to do with the focus point on the castle island?