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sorry for the delay, but i just added them!

thanks so much! uhhh there's no license you can just make stuff if you want. maybe i should make a license idk lmao

omg i'm so glad, thanks so much!!!

hey! for those big itch-run bundles, you need to go to the bundle page, click “download”, search for the game, then click download! it’ll be in your library like normal after that.

if there is, it’ll be a third edition with the content i didn’t get a chance to finish for this release (and more art etc etc) and it’ll be like, 2 years from now at least

hey there! i went through my games recently to add more community copies & i must've totally missed this one. just added some!

hey there! you should've gotten an email from possum creek with instructions; if not, you can email

hey, thanks for reminding me to add those to the page! all the venture aps are now linked on the itch page, hopefully there will be some dungeon ones soon!!

hey! almost everything in this book are their own distinct games, but there is a nice little guide for incorporating jewish history & legend into your games, which you might be interested in. also since most of the games are meant for one-shots, they could be a great accent to a larger campaign.

hey there! there were some delays in shipping stuff but i literally put all of the itch orders in the mail yesterday, so it should get to you very soon!

oh my gosh, thank you so much!! odyssey was one of the first games i ever wrote and i still think it’s pretty good, and i’m so glad you’ve had a good time with it!!!

oh! sorry about the confusion, but it does say that it's a belonging outside belonging game

oh my gosh this is so great to hear!!! i don’t actually know much about trophy bc i’m not a horror or gmed games player so i kinda wrote this not really thinking anyone would actually play it and it makes me so happy that not only someone did, but it actually went well!! ♥️

AW DAMMIT (thanks i’ll fix it tomorrow lmao)

omg thank u so much that’s so great to hear!!! in bob the general thing is that u start w no tokens & gain them via lures/weak moves, but i would never use that as a way to be like “no u can’t do that thing actually” u know? i’m p sure i’ve played a game of galactic where the first move i did was getting a “negative token” lmao. imho it’s all about whatever sounds good & moves the story forward.

thanks so much! i knew i would end up forgetting to change a heart to spade in the stuff i copied & pasted from iballt...i’ll do some edits & reupload tomorrow

thanks so much,, i'm glad it made you feel things!!

thank u so much!! <3

thanks & np!

oh dang did i forget to make itch automatically ask for your address? yeah, that'll happen around august, probably!

read this and was like "oh man that sounds a lot like a thing that happened in a playtest i did" and then, i Realized

hi! the instructions for the game will be included in the full pdf when that's released, and the emailed link doesn't actually work because i messed up, but if you go to the actual ks update ( that link will work!

omg this is so great to hear!!!! i'm so glad you liked it!!!!

thanks! i don't think i'm going to add pick up/trade stuff to setting elements, just because i don't personally think they're super helpful? however i'm thinking about adding tips to the setting elements in the updated version, and i definitely will add some advice on how to use setting elements in the instructions when i write those!

thanks so much! the setting elements (the "you also play as" stuff) is basically a set of little guides for proto-gming, if that makes sense. like, you can use them to decide stuff about your world, and then when people are in scenes that involves those aspects of the world, someone not in the scene can pick it up and "play as" that element in the scene. i'll write more detailed stuff about it in the updated version.

thanks for the tip about the rogue, i'll fix that for the next version too! unless, of course, i can think of a good bs meta-commentary thing. i'll get back to you on that.

thanks so much about the fighter thing, that's one of my favorite bits too! the fighter was the second playbook i wrote after paladin, so writing that weapons section was kind of what made me realize that i could turn my idea into a whole game.

oh my gosh, ,thank you! i added it to the twitter thread but i must've totally forgotten to add it here. wow. i feel so bad.

thank you so much!!! i've been thinking about these mechanics for a few months now and i've been excited but also nervous about them so this means a lot!!

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Oh! Yeah okay so when I made the actual print zines, I made the covers out of the pages of old sci-fi novels and then printed out those 3 pages for the inside, so a cover would be an entirely different piece of paper, which you’re welcome to print out if you want. Does that make sense?

If you mean to make it double-sided then yeah, that's what it's made for. If not I'm not sure what you mean, sorry.

go for it!

omg hi, it isn't weird at all!!! i'm so so so glad that u had such a good time playing, that sounds like a wild story!!! and sorry for completely forgetting to respond to ur last comment, i think i literally read it, went to look at the bit u were talking about, was like "oh yeah, that's super confusing i should fix it" and then ended up making a whole new layout for the game too, lmao. thank u so much for sharing!!!!

thank you so much this is so great to hear!!!! i just clutched my heart irl!!!!! i'm so glad you liked it!!!!!

oh. yep. that sure is a mistake. thank u for pointing it out...............god i x-ed out of that indesign file without saving because i had to restart my computer and wasn't might just have to stay that way for a while. oops


oh my god this is so great?? thank u so much, do u mind if i tweet this & add it to the game description on itch?

Thanks so much!