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thank you so much!!! i've been thinking about these mechanics for a few months now and i've been excited but also nervous about them so this means a lot!!



Oh! Yeah okay so when I made the actual print zines, I made the covers out of the pages of old sci-fi novels and then printed out those 3 pages for the inside, so a cover would be an entirely different piece of paper, which you’re welcome to print out if you want. Does that make sense?

If you mean to make it double-sided then yeah, that's what it's made for. If not I'm not sure what you mean, sorry.

go for it!

omg hi, it isn't weird at all!!! i'm so so so glad that u had such a good time playing, that sounds like a wild story!!! and sorry for completely forgetting to respond to ur last comment, i think i literally read it, went to look at the bit u were talking about, was like "oh yeah, that's super confusing i should fix it" and then ended up making a whole new layout for the game too, lmao. thank u so much for sharing!!!!

thank you so much this is so great to hear!!!! i just clutched my heart irl!!!!! i'm so glad you liked it!!!!!

oh. yep. that sure is a mistake. thank u for pointing it out...............god i x-ed out of that indesign file without saving because i had to restart my computer and wasn't might just have to stay that way for a while. oops


oh my god this is so great?? thank u so much, do u mind if i tweet this & add it to the game description on itch?

Thanks so much!

thank you so much!! i'm glad you like it!!

that is so valid, and thank you omg!! yeah, i also really like this format, it's an updated version of a similar mechanic that i used for all's fair, but this one is a bit more elegant, and the inspiration is definitely originally from ben robbins' kingdom. my goal recently has been to figure out game mechanics that are more communal, so this was a very fun one to write. i'll definitely look into some hacks in the future... maybe something about a group of friends after high school... or a space rebellion? those were the first two that came to mind.

thank you so much! this was really helpful, i really like the idea of drawing 7 cards at the beginning and i actually had some more questions about the star in an earlier draft that disappeared at some point, so i should definitely add that back.