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Why is this listed as a Playdate game?

What is it, though? I don't wanna download without understanding at least to some extent

Really been appreciating this. <3

What fetish thing were you picturing, exclusively asking out of curiosity xD I understand now where your "frankly I don't want to know" came from. I interpreted it as like, oh yeah I'm sure it's something but I don't care. Gotta love misinterpreting text statements on the internet lol

Playdate is a new handheld console made by the publishers of untitled goose game and firewatch. No worries, was just curious , there isn't a need to be rude about not wanting to know.

Why is this listed as a Playdate game? 

This is sooooooo good! What a gem <3 The cute blurbs for the Crunky's, simple yet engaging gameplay, collectathon... It's great! Nothing like a good endless :) Thanks for this one!

Loving it! Any plans on a zoom feature, maybe a use for the crank?

Excellent, quirky, and nicely balanced puzzle game! Great addition to the Playdate's library <3

Update: New .pdx works great, but it made the cover on the playdate app selection screen a little less wide. 

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Alright! So! I got the same error... BUT! I was able to fix the problem. The .pdx has too long of a name I think for the playdate itself. I unpacked the archive, shortened the .pdx name to "gimmiefriction.pdx", repacked it, and it works like a charm.

Absolutely love the custom wrapping paper :)

Well, I loaded the .zip into the Offical sideloader on their website. It uploaded to the database fine & shows up as a game to install, but when I do install it it gives an error upon completion. I've tried multiple times, same error. I've had this happen with other .pdx's as well, not sure what the issue is as there is no error code or message, just "Unable to install"

Physical playdate seems to be having an issue installing the game via sideloading on's official website. Manually loading the .pdx in USB mode works fine though.

On the technical and fun side of things? Great! Runs nice and is a blast ^-^

Ahhhh, cool! Very stoked :) Do you have a physical playdate you're messing around with or are you just using the SDK right now?

Excited to see where you take this! Even though the playdate version is a bit more stripped down it's quite tricky and satisfying trying to collect the USB's. Any plans to get the accelerometer setup as a method of control like the android version?

Oooooo the Rolodex proposition is a wonderful idea. It would translate sooooo to the crank, especially with a little flip-flip-flip sound effect as you scroll through.

I'm sure there are others like me. I haven't had a cell phone for two years, so something like this could have a huge potential to fill the void of an address book while still staying somewhat techy XD

Looking excellent! The direction you seem to be taking this is fantastic. The vibe, aesthetic, flow, chef's kiss. Have you considered adding any sort of magic abilities or scrolls to wield in the off-hand?

I'm never going to give this one up, I'll figure out how to get past the rickochet sequence sooner or later

Gosh, yeah, this on playdate would heckin' slap

Any update on the playdate port? :)

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Not sure if this is a planned feature, but it would be really cool if this included a phone/address book section for those of us without cellphones ;) xD

meow :3

Excited for you to get a real life console! There's a good amount of lag on the physical handheld that makes the game nearly unplayable. When I run the .pdx in the simulator it runs beautifully though, so that's food for thought.

Playdate port pretty pretty please <333

Would love to play this on the actual playdate now that it's out <3

Idk if it would port over and work, but if this could be on the playdate I would throw money at it so quickly