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Oh my! You rock with your every new world! This is so wonderful!

Faszinierend! Ich mag diese virtuelle Urbane Poesie.

I like this experience - the deep atmosphere and still the open end. Can't wait to see more.

Enjoying Fushimi Inari (I visited your simulation yesterday btw.). It's really similar to original (and I love this location near Kyoto). I'll write an essay about your game one day.

That's a great experience! I wrote a review about your project:

Very nice and intense. Love it.

Looking forward to it! Love your worlds.

Amazing, thank you for this!

Wow that is so wonderful! Thank you for this project!


Wonderful. It's like Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" meeting Camus' "The Myth of Sisyphus".

Amazing experience! Is it possible to make am Android version? 

Wonderful experience. Highly replayable.

Wow, that's an awesome narrative and touching story. And visually amazing. Loving it.

I have the same issue. "Start"-and "Continue"-buttons don't work. "Controls" and "Quit" do work properly. Is it a bug?

Beautiful experience - in very Tarkovsky way (the fragile memories etc.). The only one thing: I have some issues with stairs, which can be passed only with some effort rotating mouse wildly. Is it only my pc, probably?

Here I wrote a review about "Fugue in Void" (in German):

You just have to live this, to feel this, to hear this (with headphones!).

I'll come back again and again. I already has nostalgia for the Void.

Wow, this small experience is philosophycally bigger than some huge open world games. Everybody has his own perspective to the world. And the world remains the same - just very different.


Amazing! Exactly what I was looking for: procedurally generated landscapes, new after every restart.

Very overwhelming and inspiring. The world arises before your eyes and in your head parallelly. The excellent sounds and music, mysterious places. I think I will return again and again to this world. My next plan is to visit the edges of this dimension.

Thank you!

Is it possible to play without controller, i.e. only using keyboard&mouse?

Very unique feeling. And soundtrack is perfect as well!

What a great art of storytelling! Awesome.

I think, I'm in love now...

Wonderful experience! This was a real museum visit! Can't wait for further expositions.

Hello there!

I'm playtesting Manifold Garden and it's still great experience. I like the absense of tutorial - player have to find out how this world works, and it comes intuitively. Very good realization. My only issue till now is the mouse - even if you can adjust the mouse sensitivity via settings, the difference between 0 (no signal) and 1 is very prominent. At "1" I already have very high sensitivity and mouse (respective my point of view in the game) jumps around. I'd love be able to adjust the mouse sensitivity to very slow.

Besides of this the game is really great experience - this change between indoor and outdoor is overwhelming. I'm on testing along.

Very surreal!

Wonderful, touching experience!