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I'd say you´re going in the right direction! Really enjoying the update!

  • An upgrade path for being able to recruit units faster would be appreciated.
  • A display showing how many of each bots is currently owned would be nice.

Looking forward to future updates, the Trello feature queue looks great.

It was alright I guess...

Took me a trial and error run first, but after a (full team death) restart I got there! I enjoyed the quite original way to upgrade your team. Trying to stack as much as possible on multiple characters was interesting, however as others have pointed out - was made quite hard by having the reward also punish you by bouncing all your hard work around. Overall the experience was enjoyable, I'm certain a few buddies will have fun with this aswell.

Now what?

I think that when you purchase the steroids, name and appropriate change in numbers gained should be made where applicable to reduce confusion.

I.e [Wild Monkey 3 lines/second] becomes [Wild Ape 24 lines/second]