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Wasting Food Simulator, lol...just kidding, looks interesting.

There is a gun you can pick up that has rapid fire.  Once you have that, it's almost too easy.

The ending really had me thinking about it for a while.  Nice one.

This is the first time someone has done a let's play of one of my games!  Thank you.

Hey thanks.  That means a lot.  I don't know if I will continue the game or turn it into a Biden-themed game called "You Know The Thing".  I'm still considering the options.  The menu song is the theme from Celebrity Apprentice, and the song during the game is just something I found on Youtube.

There is a Santa Boss, as a matter of fact.  If I ever get around to posting a background image to the game page, I'll make sure he's in there.  But keep trying, and eventually you'll get to see him.  He's pretty creepy looking...

what is the file size limit?

Great game.  One issue I had though was that sometimes I had to hit space twice in order to dash.  But not consistently, only every fifth time or so.


But now I have a related question:

When I tried to upload an image, I received the following error:

Upload failed

  • Your proposed upload is larger than the maximum object size specified in your Policy Document.

The image file size is only 3mb.  The actual pixel dimensions are 1366 x 768, the same resolution as my game.  If I make it any smaller, tiles.  What can I do?

So when you go to a page that has a game that's meant to be played in the browser, you have a vast white area with a small "Run Game" button in the middle.  Does anyone know if there's any way to put some kind of image there so it doesn't look so terrible?

Pretty nice, but I would make ship movement a little faster, have some kind of health bar, and show the restart option a little sooner (right now, you have to wait like a full 3-4 seconds).  And a scoring system would be nice.

Best version of Flappy Bird yet!

When you fall into a pit, the art style that intentional?

Something happened when I got the hunger to zero, but I'm not sure what...

No problem.  I don't know Gamemaker, so I can't offer any assistance on how to detect collisions.  But I do have another thought.  You should really lean into the resource management aspect: how many asteroids can I break before I run out of power?  Do I have enough fuel to return to the base? That kind of thing...

1 - have key controls for turning

2 - have the ship use fuel

3 - have the ship take damage if hit by asteroids

4 - allow for the purchase of upgrades so there is a purpose for mining

Kind of frustrating when you're on your way to the gamma core, just barely grazing an asteroid will kill you.  That would be fine if it was supposed to be a rage game.