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Merlijn Van Holder

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Very cool game! I really liked the main character and his dialogue options were amusing. The scope of the game was impressive, too.

Really amazed at the detail and length of the story, but it didn't feel drawn out. I liked the way you structured the Twine with details, too. Great job!

Neat idea! It felt like a glimpse in the life of an ordinary worker inside an RPG, rather than a big hero, living out his days working the mine. I was ready to give up on the game until I realized you had to hit the rocks, which could have used some more explanation.

Nice atmosphere! I'm happy you went with a fear approach and scaring the player out of the house, rather than dying and having to start over. Good job!

I thought it was an interesting way to tell a story; when you are matching the cards relevant to the story, you tend to visualize the contents in your mind. Good job!

Very nice story and well written. I adored the drawings, such a beautiful style. Good job!

That was very nice writing! I enjoyed the world you were establishing, with its unique setting and atmosphere. Towards the end, I felt genuinely interested in knowing what was about to happen next. Good job!

That was pretty clever and very original! Would love to see more games where you play as some ominous dark lord. The characters were great, too.

Fishing seems like a great time for introspection, the game captured that mood well, I think. The visual style was nice, too!

That was really cool! The story is touching, with each level increasing in intensity as the space station approaches its doom, which was a really nice touch. The music made it very enjoyable, too. Great job!

This might be one of the most gripping stories of all the Nar8 games, since a sad ending seems unavoidable. Good job!

I really liked the style, very cute and ambitious. The gameplay reminded me somewhat of Star Wars Droid Works, too! It's great you put so much emphasis on telling a story at the beginning of the game, though it's quite long and unskippable.

That was really cool! I've never thought to use Google Maps for a game this way. I like the premise, too.

This was a beautiful narrative game. It felt very focused on the most important element, storytelling, and supported that with a lovely style and interface. The dialogue options played well to different personalities, at least to mine, as I found myself being able to say things that I might have said myself. Above all, it felt genuinely sincere, and I appreciated the author leading you into the story from the coffee shop, which was a very nice touch. Great work on the technical implementation, too!