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Thanks for the reply, I already got it fixed, I forgot how I did it but thankyou for the help! 

It worked! thankyou for helping out man! 

Yes I updated to nimble 1.0.2

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Since updating my mac to Catalina 10.15, I get this message...

"Nimble Kick.component" could not be opened because Apple could not check the file for malicious software.

What can I do, im so bad with computers so I have to reach out to you.. 

I got the feeling Nimble kick slow Ableton down allot, I cant add the crash report here for some reason?! 

And now the plugin is out of the project and can't open anymore, this is so frustrating.. 

Just installed version 1.01 and wauw already a big improvement great job, because first the kicks where whobbling a bit. 

Now I have another topic to address, when I open Ableton project the kicks aren't playing, I need to go to the arrangement view, open the nimble kick vst and than it works. 

ahh I found it. It was under the audio units, but ableton only shows VST as standard. Finally I can try it out! :D thanks for the reply 

in the library folder vst and components

hi I'm using 10.1.1 legit bought ableton. 

Mac: OC Mojave version; 10.14.6

Hope to hear from you soon :)

I know how to install a plugin, but Ninmble kick doesn't appear in the list of plugins. Already tried; rescanning, switch DAW on off, laptop on off. What to do?