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Thank you!! I did read that message in the secret area, it really sucks when players just skip hints or simply go the easy way by looking at some walkthrough, it makes the game less fun and less challenging. 

Best of luck for the third game! I really LOVE the concept so far, and it would be interesting to see how things will advance! 

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No worries! I totally understand! And I'm definitely going to download the first game and try to find the code! 

Update: I did find it! Ngl, I spent HOURS trying to figure it out but finally did. It was worth it. 
I played the first chapter and loved it, I love how it connects with the second one and I played the second chapter twice to get both endings. I'm excited to see what's next! Oh and while running the first game I also got the same message "profile error occurred" 

Great job!!!

It's fun and interesting. Although when I tried to run the game I got "Profile error occurred" also, is there any hint about the password in room 8?

It's nice, not many things to interact with and really short. It would be really interesting if it got more expanded. 

The game is entertaining and pretty nice. It took me a while to figure out some stuffs. Too bad it's short but beside that, pretty good job! I love it!

I can see your passion and dedication to your project and I'm absolutely looking forward for your upcoming projects. I really LOVED playing this game and I didn't feel the time passing . Great job. It's a shame there probably won't be an English version and others won't be able to enjoy this spectacular game. It's hard finding a decent challenging and nice rpg game with good art but this one definitely did the job!

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There are only 2 endings?  Just making sure xD I did finish the game! I played to see both ending, luckily I saved before having to make the choice with either taking DESCON to get the key or taking DESCON to kill Terry. 
This was pretty astonishing  and mind blowing. I loved how everything connect, the puzzles, the rooms and the backgrounds. I legit spent like 2 days on this game and although it was difficult because of the language barrier but it was totally worth it!

I managed to do it!

Just to make sure,  I have to push the crate in the middle of the other two, right?

Just when I think everything is going smooth, another monster pop up and start chasing me :^) This one in the lab I guess? where I should arrange the 3 crates is really frustrating ;-;

Ah okay, I managed to do that and now I'm in the part where I take  the white paper then that thing start chasing me in the maze, it's pretty hard to avoid it although I will probably manage to escape from it after few attempts xD Can't wait to see how this is ending!

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I currently just have "viên đá" (which I thought it's the stone, according to the translation) in my inventory and something else "dây cột". And at this point, I don't know what I have to do, I managed to get puzzle no.1 from the statue but the path got blocked so I had to return it. 

Ikr, I was surprised I managed to get this far. It's really interesting and the plot seems only to be thickening xD it was worth it trying to understand the story tho the translation wasn't really accurate sometimes but I managed to understand what's important. I did manage to escape from Edwin after a few tries, I had to keep my fingers on enter, shift and up arrow at the same time. However I guess I'm stuck again because after talking with the mysterious figure in the library, I explored around and got a stone (I guess) but like now I have no idea what I have to do so I'm trying to figure out. 

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This game is pretty awesome! I tried to play it and I did struggle a lot tbh but it was worth it, 1h after playing I realized the dude has a lamp oil that he can use xD the puzzles/ passwords are pretty interesting and I did struggle with the first one but once I figured out how it work it was easy. Ngl, the monsters were pretty frustrating to avoid, they do show out of nowhere and they're really annoying sometimes to avoid and I did stuck plenty of times trying to escape from them. It's really pretty challenging and fun, I love the stories/backgrounds although it was pretty hard translating them sometimes. I did reach a point where Edwin is chasing me and I gotta solve those MCQ but once I solved them and spoke to Moira, I tried to follow her but Edwin showed again and I can't sprint forward or backward because he kills me either way and now I'm stuck there xD  but I am really enjoying this game!

Ah I see.  So your next projects will be only in Vietnamese ?

Thank you! It was really fun. I saw your new project, it's a shame that there's no english version but I'm still playing it. I'm running the instant/scan mode on my phone while playing the game trying to understand what it says xD I know google translate is not accurate but it still help.  I love the story so far and my only comment is like it's a bit dark to see even with turning my computer brightness to the max. Is there an in game brightness setting?

I didn't turn on the switch to get that missing path of the door and went ahead trying to complete the game so when I passed across the black figure, it was like: are you cheating? are you against the rules? And bam, in the next cut scene I was dead and hanging beside the other dude. 

At first I was moving around clicking every single tile and block trying to figure out what I did miss. I even ran around for hours trying to go through different ways while the monster was chasing me. Lol I even tried to get him stuck at the way out door, I stood there for a while thinking if I don't open the door maybe the monster will leave but that didn't work obviously. 
So then I was like, maybe that empty path isn't just a glitch or unfinished path, maybe I have to use it somehow and then I noticed the book hint about finishing the round and following the rules. So when I went to turn on the switch to remove the electric field,  I noticed that one of the black figures disappeared but the other one was still around and that when it clicked, I knew what I had to do. 

I found the alternative ending!

So after digging in the game,  I found all the 3 endings for the second demo, now time to dig in the first demo. Pretty interesting, great job! 

Absolutely! I'm curious tho, how many endings there is? 2? 

I love the story, the concept, the art and everything about this game. I did search about the syndrome actually since I was curious about the game name. I'm definitely recommending this game to my friends!