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I love the story, the concept, the art and everything about this game. I did search about the syndrome actually since I was curious about the game name. I'm definitely recommending this game to my friends!


Thank you so much for the compliment! I hope you look forward to the full game release!

Absolutely! I'm curious tho, how many endings there is? 2? 


there are two endings depending on what you have in the inventory, and 1 secret ending.


So after digging in the game,  I found all the 3 endings for the second demo, now time to dig in the first demo. Pretty interesting, great job! 


wow, that's incredible! Good job!

The first demo has only one ending and one alternative ending which no one hasn't found it yet from my knowledge.

I found the alternative ending!

yo really? How did you do that?

At first I was moving around clicking every single tile and block trying to figure out what I did miss. I even ran around for hours trying to go through different ways while the monster was chasing me. Lol I even tried to get him stuck at the way out door, I stood there for a while thinking if I don't open the door maybe the monster will leave but that didn't work obviously. 
So then I was like, maybe that empty path isn't just a glitch or unfinished path, maybe I have to use it somehow and then I noticed the book hint about finishing the round and following the rules. So when I went to turn on the switch to remove the electric field,  I noticed that one of the black figures disappeared but the other one was still around and that when it clicked, I knew what I had to do. 

So what did you do next?