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This game looked super nice, but it crashed in the middle of my playthrough,during the second part in winter. I got the logs here: (yeah sorry that's all I have under hand now)

It's indeed disabled on my 64-bit Win 7 :o

Definitely did <3 I gave it the best mark :D The gameplay is really solid, visuals are awesome - people's faces are especially very expressive - and sound design is pretty cool too :) Also the writing is real nice :o

I managed to make the game run! Under Windows 7, I used the compatibility mode with "Windows 7" after installing both of the files you linked me to :) Thank you again, will play it right now!

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You're welcome ^_^ Also I love Heart of the Woods, I bought the game almost at release day and I haven't been disappointed ^_^

And thanks for replying too, As everyone here, I'm perfectly aware a perfect game is impossible to come with in 72 hours :) I'll just try a bit more :)

Great game, so funny too! And surprisingly we had no problem at all with the online coop, so that was such an amazing work there :D The music is nice, the visuals are awesome too :o

This game is so cute and pretty! The art is amazing! And the story's cute too :) (?)

Hello, the game won't launch here, nothing happens when I doubleclick on it on Win 7 64-bit... Any clue on how to fix it? It looks super pretty already..

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Loved this one! It's so original :) Well obviously the UI isn't perfect (it's a jam after all) but the game itself is great ^_^