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Best in the demo were:
1. amazing pixel animations
2. fantastic gun sounds
3. Really nice armored soldier movement sound
4. Writing is okay. Meaning in most games the writing is sub-par or worse making the game annoying --> uninstall and leading to Steam Refund. So your writing is okayish.
5. GO-There could be commanded by the LMB
6. Enemies are moving together fast is a BIG PLUS!!
7. Music is nice, a high quality composition.
8. Congratulations to the Family Enterprise! Saw your family in the credits. KUDOS for the achievement: making them work!

As for the objectives I didn't find anything = were massacred by ratmen quickly. You must build in or highlight more the TARGET OBJECT INDICATORS. Where the hell the player is supposed to go should be VISIBLE INTUITIVELY!!  Nobody likes to read stupid tooltip-tutorial descriptions.
WHERE ARE THE SPURTING BLOOD PARTICLE EFFECTS??? Warhammer is supposed to be bloody & gory as hell.  Make special, gurgling, death animations, make us hear the ratmen spitting blood as the die with miserable groans and their insides spill out onto the ground.
Last to die was the big armored soldier, he was surrounded.  He should be using a SAWBLADE / Texas ChainSaw Massacre type weapon for close combat mass kill.  Although his GROUND SLAM mass kill was very nice ==> in such cases you must make all the ratmen scream in a gruesome Choir as they perish together. Just like the sectoid group-scream in XCOM: UFO DEFENSE!

Most annoying in this demo were:

1. Loose this eyestgraining light-red. Use yellow or light
purple-blue, anything but this eye-killing red.
2. Street lamps are too bright, causing eyestrain
3. Lose the friggin' red from warning messages and UI
4. End of Turn sound is WAY too loud!!
5. Music is too loud. Use longer slider to refine volume more
6. 'Weapon hot' for Agnes Highmore status doesn't cool down fast??!!
7. Action delay / ending one soldier's turn and auto-switching to the next soldier should be shorter, make it configurable in GAME--OPTIONS = entire combat will be faster.