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This game has no limits, you see that giant sun out there? You can fly to it. (warning... Game limited by 64 pixels, anything higher will result in major and or minor disappointments.)

Aww, you shoulda renamed all Mari...(Copyright Infringement INBOUND!!!) characters and items to (example) DMCA-oin (coin), DMCA-up (1Up), DMCA-ario,DMCA-rincess-DMCA-each that woulda been so much more hilarious.

Well, what I do, is I just give trusted people or people Im working with a copy of the sourcecode, give them details at what you want them to look at, try all the different versions (Android, Mac, IOS, PC, etc...) And ask them for feedback, then after taking serious note of whats good/bad you polish the game, fix it up, that stuff.. and then you ask people if they wanna beta test your game.