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The text is WAY too small. Like in non-windowed and windowed modes, the text is blurry and hard to read. Random letters don't appear, like "l"s and "i"s. And since the resolution is so low, playing it in non-windowed mode makes everything blurry.

Besides that, it's a cute game. A bit weird with the controls, and the lack of a notebook to remind you of symptoms, but it's decent for the premise of it! 

Pretty cool connecting the dots, although it does leave more questions unanswered after you do all four confessions.

Also, quite annoying that you have to close the program after you finish a confession, to do another confession. On top of that, you can't skip the intro sequence. 

Interesting idea, though!

So there are many functional things wrong with this game that could be easily fixed if you play text-based adventures often.

The first thing is a simple directional-based movement alternative. I was located in "Master Bedroom" and typing "go east" to go back to the Dark Corridor would not work. I had to write down room names to navigate, which really gets me out of the game.

Another thing I noticed is interacting with some objects takes you to a "separate" screen that you have to type "go back" to get out of. For example, examining the bedside table in the Master Bedroom takes you to a completely different screen, in which you cannot say "Go to dark corridor". You have to type "go back"  then "go dark corridor". 

Some interactions just say "Nah, can't do that" and like? No reason whatsoever why it shouldn't. "Turn off bathtub taps"; nah. Alright, "turn off taps", nope. "Use taps" nada. Why can't I? It would be useful to have "That's not important" or even "I can't waste my time on things like that." 

I like the POV though. Where am I, who am I, who's family home is this,  that sort of thing. It's a nice case to solve!

I think it would be awesome if we can browse collections that have been tagged as well. The tagging system would work the same as games, but obviously just bring up collections. Users would be able to set collections as public or private, as to whether they can be viewed by randoms. But the "Related collections" are very helpful on the side of search pages, but there needs to be an option to browse them. It's definitely helpful to find new games!

"There should be '694123_Data'

folder next to the executable" Can't even play, yo. Tried reinstalling multiple times and creating the folder, but alas, no cigar.

Fun, simple game. Some potential improvements, though: list all ingredients that can be bought but put "unlocks at [x] experience" or implement levels! Also, the fried fish when finished cooking just disappears and doesn't go towards the number of fried fish so you can sell. It just gives you xp. Good game tho!

After I played it once, it was impossible for me to get impeached again because I knew how those peoples' minds worked. It sucked there was only a few things you can sign off on (but it did create some hilarious scenarios like should I pick "my hips don't lie" or "my hips don't lie"). Good game, dude. Pretty funny.

My favorite endings were definitely the cute ones - I won't specify the actions to get to the two so I don't spoil it for everyone. I thought it was all going to be terrifying monsters, but nope. I like this game, it has a lot of potential! 

You should add Spanish! I mean, I love learning Swedish, but Spanish is fairly common for other people to learn! GG, though!