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It has been one hundred years. One hundred years since you were captured and a plot (or rather a sickly joke) to take over the universe and overthrow the king was enacted. Now the world is run by literal clowns, and you (the Director) must overthrow the overthrowee, and take back the honor of the king.


  • 2 and half to 3 hours of gameplay
  • No grinding
  • Retry battles after death
  • Clowns
  • Jesters
  • More clowns
  • 27 custom songs sent straight into your earholes
  • Even MORE jesters
  • Blood (On occasion)
  • Entropy (in droves)

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My mind is blown

I've found you

(playing this now)

Final Delivery is a game about a pizza delivery guy trying to bring the last pizza of the restaurant to its home in some hungry customer's stomach. Only problem is, it's the day that he is meant to die. Follow Anthony, the loyal delivery guy as he dodges many a catastrophe that the universe throws at him, and meets new people he never would have met had the circumstances been different.

Save your game with vending machines scattered all over the world!

Duke it out against stray cats, dogs, and... hipsters?

The demo was completely remade compared to the original version! I hope you can enjoy this slice of what I have planned.

Find the game here:

This looks awesome! I love all of the character designs. (Especially Michael, I'm not sure why though)

Thanks for playing Final Delivery!

I have lowered the battle encounters by a long shot now!

It should be less of a pain to explore.

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The premise:

Final Delivery is a game about a pizza delivery guy named Anthony who is trying to deliver the last pizza of the restaurant before it shuts down. The only thing is, it is the day that he is supposed to die. Will he be able to deliver the pizza? Can he fight back all of the crazed hipsters and stray animals that stand in his way? Is he strong enough to defeat the angel of death?!?!

Find out in Final Delivery!

Game design:

About 95% of all the assets for final delivery were made by me. The art in Final Delivery, whilst definitely not amazing, is thankfully not the highlight of the game. As art is not my greatest of strengths, I decided to put more focus into the battles, music, and story. Final Delivery is designed to be focused more on being an enjoyable RPG experience. The battles require you to actually think, the bosses are difficult but fair, and grinding is not necessary to progress. 


Any and all constructive criticism is highly encouraged!

Note: this game will be released for free when it is finished

Hmmm, ok. I'll think about it. I don't the game to be too short, but I also don't want to pad out the game in a way that removes from it being an enjoyable experience. Thank you for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated. I will keep this in mind moving forward. I will probably try to get my playtesters to play through it more. Sorry about the excessive battles!

It should be fixed now

Uh oh, I'll get on it and fix the problem as soon as possible!
Luckily enough that is basically the end of the demo.
Thank you for pointing out the glitch!

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Could there be an option to make the walk sound effect not as harsh?

Also, when playing with a controller, the sensitivity was very low, so looking around took longer than it should have. (It still works with a keyboard and mouse though)

Very fun game! I sat down and got all 12 endings in one sitting! I hope you continue to make amazing games like this. (Just games in general, not necessarily in the same genre)

Never mind, I figured it out.

I'm having a problem with the actors. When I try and interact with one, it doesn't seem to run the script in the "On Interact" section. Do you know what could be the problem?

I think it's probably partly inspired by the mother series.

This game is so cool! I love the earthound/mother ness of it all, and love the music! However, I think the mushroom enemy needs to be nerfed. I was caught in an infinite stunlock that killed me from basically full health. Otherwise, it's a wonderful game!

How can a game make me so sad and happy at the same time! This is a freaking masterpiece.

Is there a way to make this game full screen?

This game doesn't seem to be downloadable in the app. (I have downloaded it on the website instead, but it would be nice if that were not a problem) Whether that get's fixed or not, it looks like a cool game!