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probably are

using just attack wins

nah it was p cool

ok then you make something better you incompetent cold dorito

ok ok but why the roblox avatar

skill issue lmfao



why does r reset the whole game wtf

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i found a bug that when you quit the game & reenter, running out of moves revives all grey cats

Can anyone tell me how to do 12,17 (the right side) i have no clue what im supposed to do


lbh arrq gb fjnc gur cbfvgvba bs gur ebpx naq gur fgnghr. fgneg ol chfuvat gur fgnghr gb gur evtug (hfvat gur ebpx). gura chfu gur ebpx qbja naq nebhaq gb gur evtug bs gur fgnghr. chfu gurz obgu gb gur yrsg. trg gur ebpx ba gbc bs gur fgnghr naq chfu gurz hc gbtrgure, gura jva.

thanks, i liked yours too :D

Day 476 of waiting for someone to be online


"No way up"


PI :)


each level allows you to convert more at once

eg; level 1 wood alchemy only gets you 1 wood / sec even if you are making 20 dirt per sec, but with level 2 wood alchemy you can get 2 wood / sec

this game is amazing but for some reason when i close the tab all my progress gets reset :(     I'm using chrome if that means anything

fun demo, hope there will be more!


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after beating the game, i think i have a pretty good idea of how the "r" symbol works (rot13 spoiler:) 

nal gvyrf gung vf va gur fnzr ebj be pbyhza nf vg pna bayl or pbeare cvrprf, naq pna abg unir nal vagrefrpgvbaf

What a terrible game

It WAS a waste of time, after all

it was last updated in 2017 wdym

hoes mad lmfaooo

it is not

it do be like that sometimes tho

game with no mouse = no mouse, no mouse no click use buttons mouse for aim no aim so button

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can you ever open the door at the beginning?

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how do i get the bottom right button at b.15(the one with dynamite and a ladder) i already know i can get an extra bomb by going though b19 but im still one bomb short


I love this game!!

no lol you started it  by making the first comment retard go outside and touch some grass lmfao.

speed based level i made its bad dont play it


man this is why tf you talking about politics like who asked? lmao

just beat the game, very fun hope there will be more