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Thanks for the feedback! I will update the aiming part because i can see that it is a bit hard to get into.

very cool! smooth controls and relaxing to play.

fun game for sure!

"Played with the first two buttons you press" is really clever! The top blocks are no obstacles to me because i can hold duck all the time. It could have worked with some kind of cooldown on it maybe.

cute and kinda relaxing to play! 

fun game, finished it!

love the art dude!

solid game! and a really good learning curve. Maybe an endless mode would have been cool.

Thanks a lot :) The mouse input was ment for the touchscreen so i hope i'm still good.

Thanks for the feedback :).  I guess i got super good at the game and easy was measured from my experience, since i didn't test it at all with other players. You are right about the crosshair, it is a bit sloppy. Nice score though!

Thanks for checking it out!

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"Congratulations you are dead" XD nice job on the water! the UI was a bit outside of the screen. (Played on Mac)

Thank you!

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thanks and good call! you can always run off if it gets to crazy.

here ya go!

Not a bad idea ;) thanks for playing the game!

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Thank you so much man! glad you enjoyed it.

funny little game :) the beam showed up after wave two i think (red guys, blue guys) . It didn't do anything

This game is so deep and original. I really enjoyed it! 

Thanks man!

Thanks! the music was made with the Figure app on my phone :P 

This is awesome :)

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This is my entry for the Dragon Jam

Zee Morpher! Arcade shoot em up created for the Dragon Game jam 2017 Theme of this jam: "Space and Sea". Keep you pressure levels stable by switching between sea and space . the further you travel the better the loot!

The game was created in one week, all assets + sounds created by me. Hope you would like to check out my game.

Cool game! I loved the art and the vibe of this game.

Fun game when you get the hang of it.

Fun game!

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Thanks :) My goal was to have the game coded within 3 days, so i could use the rest for making all the art / sounds / polishing.

Thanks. I Liked your game SpaceHogs as well.

Thanks mr. Scotty! 

Yes, thanks again dude! I will check out your game later today.

Thank you :D

Thanks man! made some crazy hours on this one.