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Good news, there is now a free demo available!

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If you encounter any issues, please let us know here!

Deleting your save data is a good idea if you're coming from an older version and the game won't launch, which can be found at:

  • C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\LocalLow\Mellow\

Make sure you don't connect with an older version of the client! It will silently drop you into solo mode


The post-atomic puzzle/simulation game FUNG is out now on and Steam!

UNLEASH THE LIVING PIXELS - Nurture your mesmerizing slime mold and dive into the depths of a radiation-soaked realm, harnessing its energy. Whatever you do, do not stop feeding the FUNG!

  • Every pixel simulated, life ebbs and flows on the grid
  • Exquisite visual design, inspired by the old-school stylings of Lemmings (1991)
  • Full level editor included
  • Many more types of cellular automata included, including over 100 totalistic rules based on Conway's Game of Life
  • A true indie classic

Based on the LOVE Jam 2023 entry -

Watch the trailer now!

I apologize for the intrusion but I unwiggled your balls unfused your binary to have a look, seems like you're using the canvas:newImageData() method, which halves the framerate, making it unusable for my purposes.

No worries! I've already rewritten my diffuse as a C library that LOVE calls, currently I can do 640x360@3ms which is fast enough for my purposes

I see! But how do the agents see the diffused pixel data in order to decide whether or not to turn left or right? Reading back the image data from the GPU is very slow, at least from the method I tried using Canvas:newImageData()

Fantastic stuff!

May I ask, how are you doing diffuse on the GPU? Are you using LOVE 12 compute shaders or some other method?

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Could you try this for me on your original computer?

Go to C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\LocalLow\Mellow\ and delete the DriftKing folder and then run the game again, give it a few seconds after starting up to reinitialise the folder

If this works I’ll release a patch shortly

Are you getting a firewall prompt? Try running play-offline.bat and see if that works

No need to yell mate, I can hear ya! Are you encountering the Windows Defender prompt that is only giving you one option? You'll need to click "More Information" to reveal the "Run Anyway" button!

If this doesn't help, can you tell me your operating system and any error message, if any? Thanks!

That is entirely reasonable! And it hasn’t affected my rating whatsoever, so don’t stress

That's a brilliant idea! I've begun fleshing out a full game based on what I've submitted here, and I'm definitely in need of more interesting mechanics to fill in the 3 chapters I have planned so far, so you'll likely get your wish

Great game, but it doesn't work nicely with higher refresh rates, had to move it to a 60hz monitor to play it properly, on 144hz I was able to cheese most of the levels since the bot speed does not decay at all (kind of like ice physics) and just coast straight through the low signal areas.

However, I really did enjoy playing it once I realised this wasn't intended, it's fun!

Found a way to cheese the game on any difficulty: Start a new game, and then go and fix up the whole track except for the first piece before starting the tutorial. Then go back and finish the tutorial and watch the train go through the whole track without issue

Good effort though, well done

I'm absolutely floored by the fact you've managed to coordinate 11 people for this submission! Also the game is mint, well done!

Fantastic! Very distinctive gameplay, definitely worth some post-jam work to flesh out I reckon, and the puzzles are mind-bending!

Cheers, I like your take on "connection" meaning "mycelium"!

Terrific game! Only thing I would add is a simple input buffer to the magnet rotation, it can be frustrating having your inputs eaten, particularly on the puzzles that require quick double rotations

Hey there! Sorry for the late response, it's game jam season. If you're on keyboard the enter key is used for navigating menus. On controllers the A button serves the same purpose

Already addictive and it doesn't even have the dopamine depth charge of fancy item get animations yet! Looking forward to see more of this

I am convinced that the point was that you fail regardless, causing you to hit your own tv lmao

Crashes on startup (screenshot attached)

I think the rules allow you to upload a patch for severe bugs so you should be clear to fix this up. Looks like you forgot to include the files for the hump library

This is a brilliant little time waster, you really feel a sense of progression as you improve at the game! Great level design too, it revealed new concepts at a brisk but manageable pace!

Oh yeah one thing: the server has no player cap, so I guess this is technically an MMO now lmao

You can also upgrade your cars at the garage marked by the solid green circle!

Hey there! You'll find the dealership on the coast at the filled in blue icon on the map

This is pretty sick dude

Yup! You can catch me at, I'm ramping up for a v0.3 release soon too

Hey, thanks for the support! I've done a lot of camera work since the last alpha was released, and this includes firstperson and hood views! I've just started on the multiplayer, and will be doing some limited beta testing soon, let me know if you'd like to be a part of that!

In terms of physical damage, I'm still iterating on what kind of damage I want in the game, seeing as it's arcade I don't want to punish the player too severely for hitting barriers, but it'd be cool to wreck the car at least visually.

The full release won't be free, since I want to have a solid, healthy multiplayer, and good servers don't come cheap. It won't be much though!

I've uploaded a fixed version which should solve your issue, if you'd like to give it another go!

That was the issue! I foolishly used addForce rather than addLinearImpulse and didn't catch it due to vsync! I've uploaded a fixed version

Also, I think my raycasts that check for a valid launch angle are a little too narrow, allowing you to jump exactly parallel to a wall, which will immediately reattach you. I'll make a post-jam fix for this, but for now, just aim the tiniest bit away from the wall

Try holding the spacebar down, if you are doing that already, let me know where you’re getting stuck!

Did anyone else get major chocolate cravings while working on their submissions?

After 6 months of development, the full version of OK BOOMER is now finally available!

Get ready to shoot toasters from a bathtub! Shoot toasters from a bathtub at your friends! Or flaming bacon straight from the pan! Or even wear a bad wig get up and personal and demand the manager! YES! that's right, be the Karen you always wanted to be!

If you want to get a little taste of what the game is like, a demo is available at:

Please let me know what you think of the game!