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Hey! Thanks for checking out my game :D I'll definitely work on those points. The current UI design does need work and the fact that they aren't properly functional is a big problem. Thanks again for bringing that up to my attention and I will bump it up in priority. The quality of it is tied to resolution, may I ask what resolution you are playing on?

As for the bad fps, that's mainly an issue with optimization, specifically for cpu. It has low fps probably because your cpu is maxed out and the graphics card has to wait for cpu processes. A new update coming out soon will be better optimized so I hope it will run better for you.

Not an excuse, but as a note. The game is still in early access and I am a solo developer, so updates might come slowly. Some updates will change major parts of the game as nothing is really set in stone just yet. However, I am grinding both fixes and new features! Please be patient and thanks again for writing!

Hi! I uploaded a new build that should fix your problem. Cheers!

Hey! Uploaded the build :) 

Hey! Uploaded that build :)

Uploaded build 4.0. Still "Early-Access" alpha build. Also, being a few months old it has some outdated graphics as I am working on a lighting and rendering overhaul in the latest Unity. That update to be expected over the next 2-3 months (practically have to rebuild all of my shaders from scratch and more) 

Here's a before and after preview 

Thank you! I appreciate that

Hi sorry not yet, I have been spamming them but still no reply :/

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Hi Sagebond thank you for the comment! Yes, I agree that build is awful, it's almost a year old. Current build is 4.2 which i am trying to upload to itch. It is larger than the filesize limit and I have contacted the support team to increase my limit. However, they are quite busy at the moment and have yet to reply.

The newest build is larger than the filesize limit. I've contacted support for an increase, working on getting that build out asap!

It seems there is a problem in the current build people! Sorry for this issue, I am working on getting a working build out asap! I am a solo dev so I hope it does not take that much time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for starting this! Please include Neon Valley: Revenge -