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Thanks for your useful feedabck, Gritfish! I was toying around with that -- whether to display stats etc -- but I wasn't sure whether it would feel too heavy-handed. I guess I was likely to err on one side or the other :) I'll definitely be working in more player feedback now, but I want to keep in in the theme of the book. Thanks again :)

This is gorgeous! Simple and effective. I love the effect of the clouds bursting, and I adore the little birdies. Very beautifully done. Congrats!

Hard to get a hang of, but once you understand it is fun and challenging :) I look forward to seeing its evolution!

I've played this through a few times and enjoyed the similarities and differences of each path. I love GoSS-IP and want it to be in ALL my security checks everywhere, and I was legitimately anxious during the Flagboy worm scene. 

Thanks all for your feedback and support! :)
I am already continuing to improve this, as I found a few bugs and balancing issues AFTER uploading (whoops). I hope that those of you who enjoyed it will continue to follow its development after the Jam! 

$650. Yes.

Thanks for the nice feedback, all!

And thanks for the featuring, Jupiter :)

Super cute game! I love the retro vibe and there are so many little touches that I really delighted in.