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if you successfully logged into the web portal, the submit button should work! once you've submitted it, you can find you story in the ship menu!

also sorry if it's really crude rn! pls accept my apologies i am still working on it aaaaaaa

Thank you so much, I'm so sorry for replying to everything late ahaha

It means a lot to me that your took the time to write such a long comment, I'll def look over everything here carefully! Ty dude :)

ahgdjkfdkj sorry for the late reply! working on it :p

Hey sorry for the late reply! The writing is not just suggestion, it kind of like publishing on or something. You go to our website, sign in with your google accounts, and you can use our interface to write some text stuff! Then you can find you story,, or anyone's story in the game through the ship menu, and play it :)

The scripts are stored with Firebase, and translated to a sequence of animations and stuff when it's loaded into the game! If you would like to talk with us or smth, you can join our Discord :D

(super late) thank you for showing my work in this video <3 <3

it means a lot to me!

Here's my new project! Randomly generated towns with randomly generated buildings, from volume to window! Here are several old-ish screenshots of it. The newest buildings have two kinds of roofs, and new materials and textures, I'll share them next time! At the very bottom is my new skybox :)

I don't have a concrete vision for gameplay yet, but I know there's going to be lots of water. I am taking ideas, so send them my way! First and foremost though, it's art.