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So i managed to break the game or bug the game or something with the bathroom doors. Either that or I just couldn't figure out how to close them. I found this game to be a little more finicky compared to the other games I've played by Mr. Horror. The interact just seems weird, but with it being a first game (I think?) I think it's really good. Pretty short, but not really scary imo. Has some spooky moments, but yea, not overly scary. At least it's not full of loud jumpscares screaming in my face and ears to try to be "scary" Still enjoyed the game

Since I enj0yed Subject 65 so much, I decided to check out some of your other games, and start off with The Apartment. Another game I really liked, and the ending kinda reminds me of Aliens where the humans are hung up in goop, but instead of goop it's roots. I also found a bug I think, where every time I walked back into the living room the TV would turn on and the knocking would happen again. Outside of that minor detail, this was another great game imo. You can see my experience and comments on YT 

Honestly surprised at how good this one considering it's an indie game. Gave me really strong Outlast vibes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I love that it is short, sweet, and to the point. It also has some VA, which is also a treat when playing indie games. Overall good experience. My couple nit picks are just things like grammar could use another run over and the running is slow as hell. The blood also could look better, but honestly. Just small things that caught my attention. You can see my full experience and "review" on YouTube :D

I like this game a lot cause it's short, sweet, and to the point. The art style and characters are memorable and creepy, most of them feel unique and aren't just copy pasted from each other. I missed the "good" ending though I assume, where you go and bring dog food to one of the neighbours. I'm  not really sure if that changes anything or not, just assuming. I also called the cannibalism pretty early :P 

Nothing quite like being attacked by a lunatic with machine guns lol. Atmosphere and stuff is pretty creepy, but holy crap the ending is just really funny to me lol. Idk how much experience the dev has with making games, but this isn't the best I've played and it's not the worst. I like the idea of the mannequins, even if they don't seem to do anything. Think there could be good potential with better story-telling and better use of concepts. Still a short and solid game imo 

I gotta be honest, I loved this game. Short, sweet, to the point and has some solid tension at the beginning, because you don't know how much time you have to do everything. Once you get to the third set of things you have to do, it does feel like you have lots of time so the tension feels a little less. Idk why the killer shows up randomly either, he just kinda chills and watches me. No clue if he can kill me while I'm busy doing other things or not. I never did die to him stalking me down the halls and it did catch me off guard. The character models are pretty funny to me, and I'm not putting that as a negative, but I did laugh as I kept seeing new models show up. Overall, I really enjoy this game. I would've played it more for the good ending, but I just didn't have enough time to play it again. Good game, simple concept and story, lots of fun and it has some potential to be replayed, because you're probably gonna make some mistakes and screw up your first run. Almost guaranteed


I gotta be honest, I love this game. For a game that's about 15 minutes long, it genuinely got me a couple times with the scares. The ending is a little doofy with you just being watched while waiting for the elevator. Maybe it's your reward for surviving the maniacs trials or something. I did make a video if you're interested in watching and seeing my reactions :)