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I miss these type of rpg games, the puzzles were varied and not too easy or difficult. The pacing was just right and the creative components really came together to make this game enjoyable. You all really delivered. Good luck with future projects!

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I've never played P.T. so I can't comment on similarity but I did like how you did this game format. It was full of suspense. I wondered what I needed to do at first but the linear gameplay helped build the story. You did a great job with the modelling, especially with the monsters. I did notice that when going back up ramps my character seemed to get caught on them a few times.
Forever thankful the mini game was skippable as I was beginning to suffer getting caught in the numerous hallways, haha. Regardless, nice job!

A short but effectively scary game. I thought the mechanics were very clever! It gave the player something to do while also needing to keep an eye on the path at all times. The setup was done very nicely and the monster + music was definitely creepy! I think since the whole premise was to not look at it, the second stage is understandably harder and a pointer on what to do (like the message in the beginning) would've been helpful. I didn't understand the ending but I thought it was nice for a fun game jam project. Nice work (:

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Short, sweet, and mysterious. The setting was grungy and full of secrets and the scattered letters only gave a piece of the whole story. The extra texts were a nice touch and I enjoyed the everything about the mechanics, they were very smooth. I noticed that the only thing I couldn't rotate was the payment letter. Nice work (:

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I miss rpg games that are in depth and fine tuned as this. Everyone worked hard to give something above and beyond. The timing of the text and lighting was perfect, especially that feeling near the end where I was 'forced' to 'watch' the texts. The dialogue was well paced and didn't tire me out at all. The way each character spoke was distinct and the overall plot had a great buildup. The art expressed so much and was sometimes perfectly unsettling - little things like the main character's home/the weather animations/the glitches let the player know what to feel during the scene. The music itself was amazing - every part fit, and I felt weirdly nostalgic going back to the title music...the work you all did made this one of my favourites. I hope to see more from all of you (and this game possibly released on other platforms!). Definitely recommending this one to everyone. Thanks for this!

P.S. Is that the only ending? I'm so attached to all the characters
(Here is a list of typos I found, I can take it down if it's too spoilery and I'm aware this was for a jam so you might want to preserve it as such!)

The graphics in this game were a great setup for the premise. You built up the suspense well, and because the atmosphere reminded me of horror rpg games like Ao Oni, I was genuinely expecting a chase scene. The puzzles are straightforward (I don't know roman numerals, but that's on me I guess) and the notes hidden across the game were a fun read. Your writing is great! This had a lot of thought put into it. Thanks!

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There are so many things that I find lovely about this game. The VHS effect that truly makes it found footage-like, for example, and the fact that you quite literally have one job, and you wonder how could it possibly go wrong? This was terrifying in an odd way, from the threat of having to do your job to a T to the selective audio and graphic changes. This was well made, especially for a week's time (': Thanks for the experience and hope to see more from you soon!

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This was surreal and dream-like and I'm never going to feel as satisfied as an egg throwing itself onto a patch of green grass. Never. Your way of storytelling throughout the level, and the musician's grasp on pacing and how the player views enemy encounters really made this game whole. I felt so...watched. I appreciate being able to jump to levels when the game wouldn't cooperate. Other stutters aside, this was a beautiful game and I will be sending it to people who wonder whether the chicken or the egg came first. Good luck with your future content (:

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I loved this, exploring what awful things a company has been doing during a 'period of silence' was a smart move. The animations to show time and show the character's online presence was refreshing, and the writing transitions between parts were smooth. The music really helped with the atmosphere, and I can't express how much I enjoyed the point and click mechanic. All components really came together to deliver a great horror story. Good luck, I look forward to your future content (and perhaps seeing more of fashion king Dante).

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I enjoyed this novel plenty. It's a unique concept and the demo's art and writing were beautiful. The music also suited each scene well. I was sad it ended where it did! Everything about this game really set the tone of Imperial Russia and its culture, which I loved, and my favourite character was Tatiana. You did a great job with this!
I noticed the line "At once, I come to my senses" does not have a period. Also when I went back for the other choices, I realized that the Title button did not work (both in the text box and when I hit ESC).
Good luck with your future content (:

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This was a fun game! I loved the animations, the different enemies, and the weapon mechanics - all of it helped bring the story and missions to life. The end boss surprised me, and left me curious about what would happen next, and I didn't find the boss too easy or too hard. One thing I noticed is that only W and S of WASD worked, but I used arrow keys so it wasn't a big issue. Overall, this was great! Looking forward to your future content (:

This game is surreal. My personal take is that I am a keeper of some sort with a duty to take care of this 'thing'. Following the image above and moving the cube around gave me an idea of what I had to do, but I wasn't sure what I could do when it got upset with me. I initially thought it was because I clicked it the timer too much but sometimes I was running out of time and had little choice. I was able to make it to the room with the box a few times, but never quite to it. I also liked the little quirks it has (like the breathing sound if you tab out), but Using task manager to exit the game did ruin the immersion a little as sometimes I had to restart a level if I was stuck in the dark. regardless, This was a unique game with a creative concept, looking forward to your future content (:

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I have a soft spot for Twine games, you were great at setting the story's pace and the art was nicely done to set the environment. The desolate feeling reminded me of the game Lifeline, and how you guide the character to their end..depressing, but needed. There were a few typos, but they weren't noticeable. I really felt for the character when they had to come to these horrifying conclusions about what had happened...nice job! (:

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Hey, I enjoyed this game! The idea of being in an abandoned warehouse with a death machine was a great one.  The mechanics weren't too difficult or easy and the transitions between puzzles really added to the sense that your end is near. I liked the ending one especially - it took me a few tries but once I completed it and bolted opening that last door felt worth it. This was a great, short game to make for a theme like this, nice job! (:

The setting of this game set me up to be wary of all options...I'm glad I didn't decide to swim the first time around. I loved each part of the story, especially the ending. It made it more fulfilling after dying so many times. I was curious and went back for the rest of the dialogue and they were all great! I agree with previous feedback on grammar, spelling, etc. One thing I noticed was that the character's name and 'You' interchanged often, or wasn't present at all. But these things weren't too noticeable while playing. Nice work! (:

The most terrifying game I've played yet. Everything about this game was unsettling. The premise, the art, the audio, the mechanics....this was really well done. I don't get an awful feeling during horror games but the tension buildup after every nest was cleared was it. I did not get the win game text afterwards for some reason, but it was satisfying all the same. Great game, great job. This is one of my favourites.

My highest score was 6.34 minutes, but I believe I survived for a minute longer? This game has a fun premise, and the voice acting in the beginning was great. I agree with what others have mentioned previously (about crosshairs, reload time, etc.), as well as that the graphics lagged a lot for me. They weren't smooth as I've seen in other videos but they were as shiny! The monsters in these games look downright horrifying. Looking forward to your future content!

This game had quite a learning curve! You did a great job on the atmosphere. I played this for a while because I was determined to get all 5, and learning how to evade the robot little by little was a lot of fun. I found the game much easier when I realized that it doesn't come for you when you're hiding in a back corner - I somehow always got caught hiding next to the door Dx I love the premise of the game and how each part is simple yet challenging in its own way.  This was such a great game! Thanks (:

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This creeped me out on many levels. I did not expect the 2D element at all. This was well thought out, and the atmosphere really set me up to stay hyperaware of the enemies...I jumped too many times at the enemy sound effects! The end reveal was filling, in a way, although I wish the end text wasn't so fast. A really enjoyable game, thanks (:

I enjoyed this game a lot! The puzzles were a good level of difficulty and the dialogue and intro mechanics really set the scene. The further I got the more curious I became of the world, and both endings left me with even more questions.  The music and art both tied this game together into a neat, purr-fect package. Great job! (:

Can't wait to see it!

This was unsettling, especially the contrast of both rooms with how the dolls looked. Trying to desperately get out with the controls only to come face to face with the enemy was terrifying, and the music really enhanced the urgency to find the resistors. The different stages of the games all had their unique scary portions - I couldn't bring myself to look behind me at all. This was great! (:

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The concept of this game worked really well. As someone who often has dry eyes, the reality of this made me hyper aware of what could happen. The audio effects gave me goosebumps, and that face really put me on edge! The mechanics too forced me to focus, which in itself is a great mechanic for horror. This was a great demo to play, good luck for your future content! This was really well done (:

What a great early draft! The atmosphere of the game is done well, and I enjoyed grinding for all the powerups. It felt satisfying to knock out some enemies with 2 hits (: I agree with what others have mentioned about the combat system, and I thought the respawn mechanism was a nice touch. Great job!

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This is a great concept piece! I relate to the feeling of getting an idea last minute and furiously working on it. The art was well made (I like the shield animations the most), and the little touches like the lives being actual hearts and the blurry effects of the screen shows the potential of this game. Good luck with your future projects! (:

I loved the premise of this game! The main quest makes me so curious about the world the main character is in. It made a little sad going from person to person ):

I got the same black screen/rain sfx at the end, but this was a great work to play for the game jam. Good luck with future content!

The bathroom on the other side of the map, where the door to the green room is. The key in the tub can only be obtained on one side. If the key is actually meant to be on the ground, I apologize!

Hey! I loved being able to bounce the chairs/boxes around, it was a nice mechanic on top of looking around for the objects. The 'extra lives' bit when you get caught was also neat, and the way the sprite moves was very smooth! For a jam this was a great insight into how much content can be developed for a game, and I hope you continue to improve and make more games (: Great job!

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Having to watch every corner and not knowing the speed or strength of the zombies made this a great game to play! The story of this game was great, and I liked how you designed each level. I think this was an amazing game for the 10 day timeframe! One suggestion I have is putting another health box where the professor was - even though I was full health and also had the health kit, his fast shooting got to me. Good luck on your future content!

Your art and way of showing dialogue was charming, and the concept of a fortune telling machine dictating one's fate was interesting! The funhouse room design was well made, too. I'd love to see more coming-of-age stories from you, and see how you'd furthur polish games like those. Good luck with your future content! (:

The art style of the game is great and the audio really added to the pacing of the game. My highest was 3 cans and my favourite landmark was the glowing pentagram (: The visual narrative with the landmarks really add to the game's mystery! I think it'd be neat to see how you'd incorporate a story element in the future + I agree with all of the previous suggestions (I was getting a can ever 5-6 minutes LOL). Hope to see you in upcoming jams!

The premise is simple but your work on the atmosphere, gameplay, art, and audio made this my favorite. I stupidly got myself caught in the crates I threw around the first time, and the panic that set in when I saw the spirit heading towards me was crushing. The aesthetics really added to the game (like the floating crates) and it reminded me a bit of A24's The Lighthouse (gritty and eerie). The ending was neat, too. Hope to see more from you! (:

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Hey! This game has quite a learning curve, I had a lot of fun. The enemy didn't even have to make a sound for me to jump! I liked how its mechanics were difficult but easy to predict once you play a few times, and searching for keys was satisfying every time. This was well done!

Some suggestions: I noticed that one key was only obtainable from one side of an object (whereas the others could be obtained from any side) and that another key was only obtained if you stood right in front of it (as opposed to the pickup function). Those two things made the game a little frustrating at first. Also, because there was a lot of searching to do I would forget how many keys I had, perhaps you could include a corner visual of an inventory?

Other than that, I love how you designed this game and used the audio. Congrats on your first game jam! (:

This was a lot of fun! Trying to avoid the cop cars while getting more ammo and grenades was great (:

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I'm glad it was a big world to play in when you look at the given timeframe, wishing you good luck!

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I love the aesthetics of this game! The models, lighting, and music are great. The 3D element was neat and I enjoyed grinding for coins (I got about 50 in 20 minutes, lol). This was a good game to make for a game jam!
Some feedback, the in game title doesn't match the game name, and I noticed that the jumping ability would 'disappear' after a while, leaving me stuck. I would also go through levels sometimes without seeing a coin, but that only meant to play again (: Hope to see more from you!

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The atmosphere was so eerie I scared myself way before reaching the Weeping Woman. The sound effects (especially at the end) were terrifying. The concept of encountering the paranormal but only seeing it on your phone is a cool concept, I hope to see more from you! (:
(Is there a win condition? I played a few times but kept getting caught)

The music, art, and plot complimented each other well to be refreshing and uncanny. The first time I panic clicked everywhere while the second I was more careful and precise - both times created a surreal atmosphere of confusion and anticipation. Uncomplicated but demanded my attention at every second, great job (:

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The art and mechanics are very nice, although I was a little confused and had trouble completing the game. I'm not sure if it's part of the glitch's concept but I could walk across the whole map sometimes but not possess anyone (though it was neat to see the robots back off from me). It was difficult to get past the first chase scene because of that and with the spike puzzles.

I can send some gameplay footage if you'd like, but if anything I'd suggest adding instructions to guide the player through the first puzzle so they can get a feel of the game's mechanics. All in all it was an interesting concept and I'll be waiting for the full release (: