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I'm sick and this made me cry 10/10

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 I've developed a huge crush on this story, already. (the potential for the slightest of spoilers ahead)

Well-written, of course, but also just exceedingly enjoyable to read. The bridge scene especially stuck for me. Does a very good job of portraying the desperate thoughts, and actions of someone low on options, and pushed to the edge. Reads true.

Ash the Scamp strikes just the right balance between insouciance and sincerity, and  I can already tell that Gremory's an absolute doll. I like (and will be going for) them both. But what I appreciated most were the little things, like not being overwhelmed with excess lore right off the bat ( the world-building is subtle, and used to great effect). Or having the option to pick the type of food you eat(very underrated CC option).

I do believe I've found my comfort IF.

I skipped the first 'i, robot' as the trailer seemed to indicate an unacceptable lack of gay robot kissing. This sequel has filled the hole left in my heart since.

The absolute sweetest thing.

Equal parts beautiful, surreal, and foreboding. My thoughts keep coming back to this one; sticks in the mind like a burr.

Brings back memories; makes me glad I left, in spite of everything.

Thinking of the 5+ smoke breaks per shift that continued long after I quit smoking

I find the idea of never-gen games immensely appealing.

Fun, simple to use, and looks good.

Bonus: playing around with this helped get me through a really rough week.

Short and very sweet ♡

A very nice slice of surreality.

Very calming and pretty. My new preferred way of receiving a tarot reading.

Gonna make something weird with this, I think..

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Quality twine-breaking, and fun, to boot.

I always end up holding my breath when I read this. It gets me every time.

Well worth the wait, she's lovely ♡  

10/10 would get trapped at a house party with the pretty fleet commander again.

I love Abeni and her spiffy new sprite art ♡♡♡

Oh, this is just cool. Very very cool. No further notes, for now. Gotta go play it again.

Very fun, very engaging. I'm already quite fond of my short agnostic bartending cambion w/ the flower sleeves. Nice to have found my new favorite interactive fiction show, and I'm very much looking forward to the next episode.

This one did me in ♡

Highly addictive.

i was feeling very rough today. this helped.

So, I've been playing this game over and over for the last month, so it's safe to say I'm digging it. Project Hadea has inspired some strong creative desire within me but I can't draw worth a damn and it's probably a bit early for fic, so here's a playlist I made for my operative, hope that counts. Their (code)name is Napir and their pronouns are all of them since I plan on having a play-through for every RO (Nash is OTP tho) ♥

This game cured my migraine ♡

So cute it honestly made me tear up a little. Okay... More than a little.

Quality adventure, quality world-building(the light hand in that area is much appreciated)and of course quality smut <3 The Marquessa is an odd delight, and all three companions are top-notch and uniquely characterized but if I had to choose, I'd most likely be the president of the Lumi Lavender fan club.

The demo is fantastic; the mini game is quite fun, and the character creator is greatly improved. Looking forward to flirting with Grace, Rhapsody, and my rival, as well.

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Just finished the fantastic first chapter. Good mix of action, world-building, and character development/interaction. A pleasure to read from start to finish.

This is one of my absolute favorites. Esoteric, foreboding, and romantic vibes. Playing gives me a feeling similar to watching Mushishi at 3am or reading too much poetry before bed: strange, melancholic, and sort of comforting all at once. Goes well with tea. 

This was really helpful to read. Thank you.

One of the most atmospheric and aesthetically-pleasing VNs I've come across thus far, aspects that are reflected in both the images, sound design and writing. I really appreciate the option to play a MC as non-binary as I am IRL. Very much looking forward to more, and in the meantime, the game's inspired me to stop procrastinating and get back to my own creative projects; an unexpected but highly gratifying bonus.