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Not the dev(of course), but I wonder if your issue might have to do with needing to run the engine on a local server for offline testing/playing. There's a bit about that in the Read Me included w/ the downloads, and the FAQ up top. If you've already done that, then never mind, plz ignore me.

Took me awhile to get right, but well worth the struggle.

Played this one a couple times before, but I'd never played it drunk in the dark while home alone. A foolish choice? Maybe, but one I highly recommend. Adds a certain something to the already impressively settling experience.

Yo, thank you so much. There was plenty more I wanted to do with the game, but given the time limit, it turned out much closer to the weird idea I had in my head than I expected. Still might go back some time, and tweak/add some things, but for now, I'm pretty happy with it. 

My favorite thing abt super videotome is definitely the ability to have those non-blocking choices. That alone pushed me to get a lot more creative with the narrative than I might have otherwise. If I'm not mistaken,  the creator of the engine wrote that she was inspired by the way choices are presented in 'Ladykiller in a Bind', which I think is pretty great.

Oh, and I'm very much a novice/hobbyist game-maker, so I've never had the chance to collab w/ anyone, but I'm game to try something new (and I'm always down for some good ol' fashioned shit-shooting). 

Been sick so I'm just seeing this, and it really made my day! Short but complete was exactly what I was going for with this one, and I'm really glad it worked for you. 

I get it, but I am glad you decided to release the game; it really is quite well done. I'll definitely be on the look out for more, if you decide to.

Playing this was very much like being immersed in a slice-of-life anime, which is to say, it gave me that same sort of familiar and comforting feeling I associate with the best of those.

It also made me quite hungry, so I'll be sure to have a bowl of strawberries handy for my next play-through.

Damn, that was quite an effectively done and impressively messed up narrative. Couldn't help but feel for Zoomer and his "too old for this shit" vibes, which I appreciate and would love to see more of.

I'm not sure enjoyed is the right word, but playing this certainly made me curious about the perverse world you created.

That was intense and overwhelming and comforting(?) I'm not at all sure how I feel now except that I'm glad this exists, and I look forward to spending time with/as Powers again sometime when I'm having a tough day. I ended up just putting on 'Dance of the Knights' on a loop while I played, which was perfect.

Very cute, very creative. Enjoyed playing this on my own grumpy sick day.

Okay, now that I've spent enough time/made a game with Super, I can confidently say that, as much as I love ADV, this Videotome's my favorite.

Thank you so much for sharing it. Super's a treat to use.

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Read and enjoyed both chapters, though I think the second is definitely the stronger of the two. I especially enjoyed the way Freddy described his experiences with Gaspard. It was very well-done.

In the second chapter, I had a hard time choosing which crew member to spend more time with as they were all quite engaging. So I really like that there aren't separate routes, and you can spend time with them all in one playthrough. It was very close, but Cache is my favorite.

I'm terrible at parsers so this took me awhile, but the effort was well worth it.Such a fun experience, and a wonderful use of the seed.

Teeny, tiny spoiler (?) below:




I really enjoyed the nonplussed response to my attempts to EAT or POKE ridiculous things. I knew it would pay off eventually.

Excellent example of gamified hope-punk with an engaging story, and super-cute pixel art. Delivers a warm, fuzzy feeling directly into my brain. An absolute comfort game, and one with which I'm completely enamored ♡ 

(Now that I've got some context, time to play the new one)

Yo, this is so much fun! I had to replay a few times, couldn't get enough of the game's impeccable mood. The writing is lovely or ghastly, by turns, and evocative without being distracting. I especially appreciated the way that initial unease unfolds so subtly. But the horror, when it does comes on, oh, it delivers in spades. Brb going to go play once more.

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Yeah, I absolutely gave in to my tendency towards maximalism with this one. Small, dense, and weird were the watchwords. Plus, all neon everything, of course.

The main reason I chose the engine I did (besides the simplicity and ridiculous ease of use) is how smoothly it accommodates non-blocking choices. Even passivity takes the player somewhere. There are a few instances where that isn’t the case, but I’m thinking of going back and changing that, eventually.

Thank you for the kind words, but more importantly, thank you for sharing that fantastic dream seed.

I can't stop thinking about this one.

Holy shit, thank you. That's exactly what I was going for.

Oh, I'm deffo making something weird with these ♡

I came to this journal game in a weirdly cynical mood but, like the character in the first example story, quickly got into it. 

Sexy, of course, and versatile, but also fun as hell. Excellent for times when writing anything at all seems like the hardest thing in the world. 

I look forward to getting plenty of use out of this one.

Like a warm blanket on a freezing cold day; my comfort game.

While I applaud (and was entertained by) your efforts, the first three lines of that poem gave me a headache, so I don't think it's safe for me to explore it any further.

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard playing a game. Also can't help but wonder how much of a cad that makes me...

I'm really glad to hear it. I had fun condensing winter-related angst into a short game jam. 

Good art, good music, and good writing; an all-around satisfying and relaxing experience.

Very evocative + super effective. Nice to be able to indulge in some ASMR while still getting work done.

Typing without it seems... like something I won't be doing much of anymore.

Excellent use of insomnia and renpy both. 10/10 would reroll again.

Oh, nice one. Thanks for letting me know :)


I've been playing around with Super a bit, and quite like it, but I've run into a bit of a thing.

I still haven't ruled out user error 100% but I've noticed that the REMOVE function seems a bit borked. It kind of glitches out, necessitating hitting the spacebar/enter multiple times to continue, and whatver text is on the same line as the REMOVE gets eaten/doesn't show up on screen.

I've tried it without brackets around the choice text to be removed, as per the ReadMe doc, with brackets like in ADV, and with one bracket(by accident); the same thing happens, regardless.

I've been faking the effect REMOVE has to the choice options with GOTO to sort of simulate non-blocking choices to the player since GOTO clears the choice box, and while it's not quite the same, it's close enough for a quick jam game.

The other option I've played with is putting extraneous text on the line that gets eaten (an ellipsis or something) so it looks a bit like it's supposed to, narratively-speaking, but the multiple-press-to-continue thing is still jarring, so I'll probably limit that.

Either way, I'm planning to make it work because I want to/am a stubborn weirdo, but I thought you should know for any future updates to Super.

Cheers :)

I so frustrated myself trying to twist twine into completely different shapes than intended that I lost all enthusiasm for the engine, and haven't touched game-making in months. Your Videotomes ( and this write-up ) are the only reason I cracked open my game files today, and considered picking up the habit again.

Oh, you mad genius; I'm in. 

Hands-down, my favorite jam entry, thus far ♡

Can confirm: 101% good and legit 👍

Oh, thanks so much ♡ And I certainly will.

Hello, I wanted to check if it would be okay for me to add-on to the adv js? To add, say, a simple save thing, so I can make longer games w/ the engine.

I wouldn't be editing the code.js file or anything, but adding another, separate script file.

If not, cool; I just didn't want to get too far into it, and realize it's verboten.

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Equally parts chilling and distractingly well-done.  10/10 would get creeped out and simultaneously inspired at 3am again