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Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback. It means a lot to me that my writing touched you this much and it had the intended impact; I was very careful while crafting Hydrangea’s story. Outside of game dev I’m a clinical psychology intern, so I’m happy that my studies and practice has also influenced my writing positively. The team and I really appreciate it ❤️🫂

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Thank you for playing. If you could let me know where the typos are, I’ll fix them. I haven’t been able to open the scripts in months.

Yes, this is all canon and takes place before the true ending of the main game.

Lion’s text is meant to be fast and for you to not be able to understand it. He’s nervous and excited, he can’t slow down :’) you can use the history function to re-read what he said.

I think the game ends here honestly, I’ve moved on to bigger and better projects. I was going to make an episode featuring the gang as kids (a free update to everyone who bought AE) but I’m burnt out with MyGF. Just thinking about this game makes me anxious and I haven’t been able to draw in months.

So yeah, this is the end. I’m still using these characters in other games (Someone to hold me features Rikka and Lion) and I have a big project that will tell the story of what happens in their future, giving further closure to their arcs as they grow up, but MyGF is done. Mafuyu is no more.

Thank you for the kind words, it’s good to know that someone likes this project even with all its flaws. And thank you for purchasing this DLC - I’m saving up the cash to fund the game I want to make about the gang’s future ❤️

Thank YOU for playing <3

I see you. <3 Thank you for playing, and I hope you’re doing okay.

Thank you for playing, I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed it! <3

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That was supposed to be fixed……….. [looks off into sunset, thinking of better days] uploading a fix now.

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Fixed. If this bug turns up again I’m gonna mclose it

the thumbnail is so beautiful

they wont stop making out in front of my wendy’s takeout 😔

Words cannot express how delighted I was when I saw this was a powerpoint file. 11/10 cute snails having a good time

It’s the text files.

Thank you for recording your playthrough! And whoa, that’s a doozy VN to start with haha. I’m happy to hear you had a good time even though you don’t usually play games in this genre!!

Thank you for playing, the team and I really appreciate the feedback ;w; I hope you’re doing okay today.



Thank you for playing. I’m glad to hear the story touched you in some way and I hope you’re doing okay today. <3

Thank you for playing! <3

Gosh, thank you so much for recording your playthrough and writing such a in-depth comment. I can’t believe you recorded all the endings omg

I wrote Hydrangea exactly with the goal of sharing a story with a realistic depiction of what an abusive relationship looks like and what its impacts are in the people involved and those around them. I’m really glad to hear it touched you and I hope you’re doing okay as well. <3

(As for the typos and pronoun issues, I want to fix them so if you or anyone reading this could let me know where they happen, I’ll release a patch ASAP!! We sadly ran out of time to check each possible combo of pronouns before the game jam ended RIP)

we’re all shaking in our BOOTS

Thank you for playing! <3

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I believe I’ve found out why this crash happens - update should be out in a couple minutes!

(Crash happened because I made an oopsie with the code for the french pronouns [sobs)

EDIT: update is out, redownload the game and let me know if it’s fixed for you

This is poetry……. thank you for blessing my eyes with this beautiful comment


Please release the beautiful OST on Spotify, it’s living in my head rent free <3 Bambampabampabampa

The web build glitched out and everything in the game was pixellated from start to finish. Really adds to the experience, Ivan best boy

Press enter instead of typing anything and the game just stops. Amazing 11/10 my personal GOTY

descer a porrada no leite 👊👊👊🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

is this yaoi…… 😳


I want to release it after voice acting is added.

Thank you so much! The logo is showing up for me. 🥳

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Hi! I’m really excited for this jam! I just have a few questions about how it’ll go before I go ham on planning and setting some time for my possible entry 👉👈

  • What are the terms on starting work before the jam? Sketches/concepts only, or can we start beforehand?

  • Related to the above, are we allowed to pick up old/scrapped projects with some work done on them and revive them for the jam?

  • Would it be possible to provide a transparent version of the logo to put in our entries’ pages? Just something I like to do haha

Thank you for hosting this jam, I’m super looking forward to it! ❤️

Thank you so much for playing! There is a Spanish translation in the works. ;)

Thank you for the feedback! Which characters would you want to date? I’ve seen quite a few people want to romance Lion…

No thoughts. Head full of MyGF… thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

I appreciate the kind words anyway! There might be a giveaway of some free keys for the DLC next month ;)

Thank you for recording your playthrough! <3 I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the game!!

Thank you so much, the team and I really appreciate the feedback <3 Hydrangea is a very special project and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it so much.

Thank you so much for the kind words ;w; I hope you’re doing better today. Happy to hear you enjoyed it!