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Hi! Thank you so much for your comment, I’ve been smiling nonstop since I first read it! ;w; Don’t worry about the money, your kind words are more than enough. I feel energized to keep making more games!

Thank you for the super sweet comment! I hope you enjoy my other games if you come to play them :D

;w; Thank you for playing, it means the world to hear that you and your friends liked the game!!

Thank you so much for your kind words ;__; I’m so happy you enjoyed the story!!

I don’t know how to express how much your comment made my day. Thank you so, so much for your kind words, it means the world to me that you enjoyed MyGF. To be honest, I’ve been struggling quite a bit with imposter’s syndrome regarding my writing, so reading your feedback made me a bit teary eyed… ;__; aaaa

Lion is indeed best boy. I was not expecting him to end up being the most popular character after Mafuyu, but you’re so right. I would kill a man for him.

I’m going to keep doing my best to release more fun games in the future! <3

Thank you for playing! I’ll try to find some free time to watch your video and leave a comment!

Aaa thank you for recording your playthrough! I’ll try to watch it when I can!

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Your comment is fun. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for your kind words ;_; it means so much


Thank YOU for recording your playthrough! I’ll try to watch it and leave a comment when I can. <3

Thank you so much for playing! I have other longer VNs in my page if you’re interested. I’m so happy you enjoyed it <3

Ooo thank you so much for recording your playthrough! I’ll give it a watch as soon as I can. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. :D

😔 don’t kinkshame them

Wow, thank you so much for recording your playthrough! I’ll give it a watch as soon as I can.

And thank you for the feedback too, I’ll look into changing the skip button as I also ran into this issue haha.


Thanks for playing! The $0 budget life is a tough one…

Ooh thank you for recording your playthrough! I’ll make sure to watch it!

Gosh, thank you for playing ;_; it makes my day to hear that you enjoyed it. My biggest inspirations were Corpse Party, Raging Loop, and Totono (Me and You and Her).

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Thank so you much for your kind words! ;__; I’d love to have the game translated into many more languages soon.

I will keep working on more games in the future!

I’m so happy you enjoyed it, thank you so much for this super sweet comment ;__;

My other projects Bohemian Symphony and Raguna and The Crystal of Miracles have some of the intimacy and gore aspects you mentioned, if you’re interested in checking them out!

Your words have made my day, for real.

My new game is out!

“They say that at night, our classroom becomes a portal to another world… the world where the Crystal of Miracles is hidden.

Curious about that rumor, groups of children have been trying to go hunting for such Crystal. But you don’t believe such a stupid tale, right, Raguna?”

Raguna and The Crystal of Miracles is a RPG Maker horror/comedy game featuring 2+ hours of content, several endings, and many ways to die.

The game also has a ‘New Game+’ feature that unlocks new content upon achieving the True Ending, such as new dialogue, events, and endings.

Can you change Raguna and Fulana’s fate as they make their way through the trials of this strange world? And will their friendship survive it…?

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Common regret 😔 RIP….

The game’s music is by HMIX, you can find most of the songs in the horror section of their site:

I’ve been looking for accessibility plugins for MZ and yours is perfect. Thank you!

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..Oh jesus, that’s a bug. I’ll upload a fix in a bit, sorry for the confusion ;_;

EDIT: yep, it wasn’t checking to see if the player made that choice. fixed version is up now

thank you for playing the game and i’m really happy you enjoyed it! sorry for the trouble you went through trying to find out what was going on >.<

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Let’s see…


1 - Default Ending

2 - Don’t tell Rikka the truth

3 - Cherry Blossom

4 - Tell Rikka the truth

5 - Crane

6 - Lion POV

7 - True ending

The choices in ending one affect whether or not you have to acesss to the Cherry Blossom one (specifically, seeing Mafuyu’s picture).

Just updated the android file with a fix. Redownload it and see if it plays the next ending for you. If it doesn’t, then reseting the game again or uninstalling and reinstalling it should do the trick.

Sorry for the trouble >.<

Oops. Is it the mobile version? I just got this exact same bug while testing it >.<

I’ll release a new version that fixes this in about ~6ish hours! Sorry about that.

Do you mean the Mafuyu scene that plays when you use the RESET feature? What platform are you playing the game on?

I’ll release a fix once I get home if I can reproduce this.

What do you mean by loop? :0

Thank you for recording your playthrough! :D

Thank you for playing! That first twist sure is a doozy, isn’t it ;)

Aah, I don’t have a mac to test on… you’d have to download it then. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

I tried replicating this using Chrome and it worked fine for me :( what device are you using to play?

Thank you for recording your gameplay! :D

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I just released a 15 minute long horror visual novel, featuring voice acting and playable for free on your browser or PC.

Play it here:

‘’‘I can’t stop my mind from coming up with new ideas.

Constantly, be it during work or while trying to sleep, I have to stop what I’m doing and note down the new ideas that came to me out of nowhere.

Restless creativity. Never-ending tension for not creating more. The feeling of ‘I could be writing right now’ follows me at all times.

So why is it that I can’t write? ‘’’

!! Thank you so much for playing and writing such a kind and thought out comment! It means the world to me. ;w;

The transitions and pauses being a bit too slow is something I’ve tried to amend on the game’s upcoming 2.0 update, so hopefully it’ll become an ever better experience :D

Oh gosh sorry I forgot to reply to this!! Thank you for playing, I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

it’s up to your own interpretation ;)

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m really happy you enjoyed it! <3 Your comment made my day, haha.

I’ll work hard to bring book 2 to life! :D

Hi! Thanks for trying out the game. Yep, you got all the endings available as of now. Ending 2 was one of my favorites while writing for the game as well!

The bgs start to change during the true ending only. It’s interesting that quite a few people seem to see it start to change earlier than that….

As for your interpretation of the true ending…. ;)