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thanks for the kind words! Half of development was studying time crisis footage haha

To everyone who played and commented, I would like to say thank you! It was a great adventure making this game and made all the sweeter by the great reception.

Once again thank you all and here's to the next project!

it's a bit hard to explain but it happened in the second level and right after I picked up a card. I did die a bunch before so that might be the source of the problem as wel

Yeah sure. The bugs I encountered are the following

  • The fire button doesn't do anything after death sometimes
  • The HUD can be misleading when it comes to ammo
  • Sometimes when I get a card I can't assign it to a slot in the menu. In where I can't drag it to a slot
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This game was really hard but I found it one of the most unique things I played in a while. Great job!

The look and the personality from the text elements was really likeable. There were quite a few bugs however. Overall good job

UE4 was used for this one

To anyone on this page greetings!

Here is a game where you are tested on your ability to drill/shoot as many tires as possible.

If you ever decide to play this game feel free to post your best scores!


Download link:

Here is a game I made called Reverse Pong. It is a game where you play as a car that slamming itself between two paddles and your job is to match the colour of the car to the paddle it is about to hit. One wrong move and its game over!

You can download the game here:

Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Glad you like it!

Will definitely look into improving the thumbnail pic for next time. Should probably spend more time in paint.