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Hey, thanks for the comment! We do have that planned... but right now we just can't seem to find the time for it. Unfortunately, holiday season is pretty busy for our day jobs... Sorry. We're hoping we can start committing more time to this starting next year, maybe start a Patreon and setup more scheduled releases and updates.

Hi, yes we definitely have that planned for the future. We did not think that people would be interested in BG elements being broken down further but apparently, we were mistaken! We shall make sure to break down the elements more for these Background packs in the future. Thank you for the suggestion!

Hi, thanks!

You can find the font here:

Hi, the pack will not come with the font. You can find the font here:


No AI technology were used in the production of any of our assets.

As of right now, most of the tilesets utilize the RPG Maker format. If enough interest is garnered, we can look into reformatting the tilesets for more avanced setups, like the ones used in godot and game maker. It would take some time since it would require us studying the format, but I do believe it's possible!


This is only formatted for RPG Maker MV/MZ, so the same rules from MV SV battlers apply. 

We haven't formatted the sheet/animations for RPG Maker 2003, but that can be an option if enough interest is present. As for animations, they can somewhat correspond to almost everything seen in final fantasy games. 

Here's the list of animations: 

Step Forward (Walking) 

Thrust (For piercing weapons) 



Swing (For slashing and blunt weapons) 

Victory Pose 

Chanting (or Magic Charging) 

Missile (For ranged weapons) 

Near Death 


Ability Cast 

Kneeling / Low HP / Status Ailment 


Magic Cast 


Evade/Jump Backwards 

Item usage 


No worries, we'll have another one for 2023! Thanks =D

Thanks! Sorry, but we're currently not doing custom work at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience!

That's a good idea for a pack! If you have any specific animal you'd like to see, please let us know here and we'll add it to the list. Thanks!

Our current list is as follows:

-Cow -Cat -Dog -Squirrel -Camel -Goat -Sheep -Chicken -Duck -Goose

Yep, they're as follows:

You can definitely use them with Unity. Unfortunately, they have no animations, Sorry.

Got it. We'll see what we can do about this for our Heroes sprites. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for the response! We've got a lot of these coming in the near future. Stay tuned! =D

Thank you for the suggestions! All great suggestions that we should be able to pull off!

Thank you! =D

Thank you for your feedback. Would this be something like a Zelda sprite?

Hi! Sorry, we currently are not accepting commission requests, and we also don't have a patreon. =(

Hi! These are indeed compatible with the tile size of RPG Maker VX Ace, MZ and. MV. As for how much you need, well that would be entirely up to you. These packs have enough to satisfy most of what a game would need, but can also be used and combine with other assets!

Hi! Unfortunately, the humble bundle going on right now will not provide itch keys like last time and therefore buyers from HB will not be able to download the updates. 

We are indeed planning on recoloring all our battle packs, but we do not currently have a time schedule on when we're able to get to them. The next recolored update would be for Elemental Forces.

Thank you! =D 

Thank you for your kind words. We currently have no plans on taking requests due to our inability to promise anything concrete... but that is indeed an interesting idea we'd like to explore in the future. More communication with our user base is always welcome. We'll just have to find a better communication channel for it... Perhaps starting a Discord channel of sort.

Thank you! We're overwhelmed by the positive reception from this pack. We'll definitely be trying to make more of these! =D

Hi! First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience. We did not include any other kind of export formats because there are simply too many kind of formats to include at the end of the day. We can't really promise anything, but what kind of export are you looking for? A 1x12 horizontal sprites? What kind of frame order are you looking for? For example, are you looking for Down > Up > Left > Right or something else?

Hi! Sorry, it only comes with walking animations.

Hi! We've never tried it so chances are, it probably is not compatible. Sorry!

Hi! Unfortunately, the Humble Bundle version of the assets will not come with keys for our Itch.Io store front. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The current version of the character generator will require the user to resize. We are currently working on an update that will provide the user the ability to adjust the resizing factor when exporting. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Static only, sorry!

Hi! Our upcoming asset schedules are pretty packed but we'll definitely see what we can do about this request!

Hi! Sorry, the program does not support changing the image files at this time.

For sure, we totally get where you're coming from.

We're still working on them, hopefully we can get em out soon!

Of course. We're currently working on a face set generator that'll work alongside the sprite generator. Hopefully we'll be able to work out the logistics and get that out in the near future!

Thank you! Unfortunately, it does not do sideview battler at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. =(

Hi! Sorry, I am not too sure of what this question is asking. I am going to guess you mean if you can use it in a table top game? If so, then yes, feel free! Thanks!

Yep! We're going to have a set coming right now that'll have several dragon battlers and sprites in them!

Hi! So, the character generator give away is only for people who owns ALL of the following packs:

Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.1: Monstrous Uprising

Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.2: Elemental Forces

Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.3: Wild Beasts

Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.4: Magitek Dynasty

Tiny Tales 2D Battler Pack Vol.5: Faith and Evil

Tiny Tales: Beastmen NPC Sprite Pack

Tiny Tales: Dark Elves NPC Sprite Pack

Tiny Tales: Dungeons 2D Tileset Asset Pack

Tiny Tales: Dungeons Vol.2 2D Tileset Asset Pack

Tiny Tales: Human NPC Advanced Sprite Pack

Tiny Tales: Human NPC Knights Sprite Pack

Tiny Tales: Human NPC Nobility Sprite Pack

Tiny Tales: Overworld 2D Tileset Asset Pack

Tiny Tales: World Map 2D Tileset Asset Pack

Unfortunately, just the 4 packs from the Support Ukraine bundle would not be enough. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Glad you find the tool useful! We're already working several additions for the generator that we'll be adding in the near future, free of charge. We'll make note of your suggestion regarding simpler, more practical hairstyles!

Hi! Thank you for your interest. We'll look into it and see if we can come up with something in the coming days. Skunk, dog, any other kind of beastmen you might be interested in?

If it's alright with you, could you double check that you have all the packs listed in the sale requirement? Thanks!