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I enjoyed the mechanics of having to remember the layout of the hallways. I think this concept would make a fun Hotline Miami type game where you can kill in the light and are susceptible in the dark. I would give it an epic/10.

Just bought it on Steam. We played one of your last games, Tower of Putrid Hate, on our Twitch channel at and absolutely loved it, even did a YouTube video on it. Gonna do this one on stream too!

Unbelievable. Framerate is unbelievably choppy on my Nokia N-Gage. Tried playing it on my parents' Gateway 2000 and had similar results. WTF?

Game is challenging (especially off Casual mode) but still fun to play. It's hard to balance difficulty and fun-ness but the game does a good job not being too frustrating to complete. Movement feels good, the style is coherent and enemies are fair. I think the most disappointing part of the game was it ending! I hope you eventually add more stages/bosses.

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This is genuinely a fun, interesting game to play. We had a few small issues with level bugs (mostly a broken ramp) but the devs were really responsive. Great mechanics, adorable robot noises, 100% worth your time. Can't wait to see how this one progresses in development.

Hey there! We were planning on playing the game on our stream but the file won't open. It's saying it is damaged. Looking forward to an updated version with a fix so we can give it a try!

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We played this on our stream tonight after finding it randomly on itch. This game was delightful. The art direction, the concept - fantastic. It is also really, really fun to play. This is really a genuinely great experience - the reset level and rewind feature were greatly appreciated. We often end up playing things without any save states or ways to back out of failure (outside of resetting the entire game) so we were happy to see these features in the game. 

We did have an issue on the last level where activating the first of the cranks (the one directly under the canon to the right that you can access with the monkey to drop a block) caused all of the characters to freeze in place. We were able to work around it, skip the first block/crank and finish the game but it does seem to be a game breaking bug. We started our play through around 2h:44m on our VOD and the bug occurred for the first time at 2h:58m. Here's a link to the time stamp where the bug occurred

It was fun to play and if you end up expanding on it in the future we'd like to check it out again. 

We played this on our Thursday stream and I don't really have much feedback to give. 

The fish controlled well but could be a little motion-sicky at times. The actual way the fish's body moved looked great. We enjoyed the amount of air time jumping out of the water caused. It was nice to see this as a 'score' at the end of the game because it did stand out while playing. 

The ending. Yeah. That was brilliant. It tied the whole game together. Jack Black is a treasure. 

Overall, a great entry for the jam. 

We played this for a stream and it was genuinely fun. The fact you made everything from scratch for the jam was really impressive. The game looks great and polished. I think our high score was 16 on the regular level. Some ideas for expansion if you ever return to it:

  • Have a way to "fight back" against the Kaiju in some way. Maybe a big hook powerup when you catch enough fish? That would maybe catch or just save you from a kaiju when you used it.
  • Have the fish change (get larger) or be worth more points if a kaiju swims over them. This would make a player more likely to want to swim into the path of Kaiju and risk dying. 
  • Different colors/types of Kaiju that maybe have different swim patterns for some variation in enemies.

Other than that having the hard mode hidden in the menu and including concept art was a really nice touch - it's always fun to see how a game evolved. You guys did a great job with your deadline for the jam!

This did not disappoint. I'd love to see a version with more levels one day to revisit as I really did enjoy the concept. There was a ton of attention to detail in the posters and set dressing. I think my favorite was the "Hang in There" worm poster with the noodle arms. 

Thank you for reminding us to turn up the music/sound for the worm noises and random sound effects. Did you make them all yourself?

We played your game for a stream this evening and overall had a good experience.

It controls great - the movement is so, so good. It was really a joy to play. It's challenging but not to the point of frustration and you have placed enough campfires so dying doesn't seem like a chore. It also looks great and polished - I think I read that you used an asset pack but your choices and color pallet are on point. It really makes the game feel professional. 

Exploration was fun and the map made sense but still ended up being a little "puzzle-y". Loved the use of the powers to traverse the terrain. We tried a controller at one point (noting that it isn't complete) and it did lend itself very well to being controlled that way. I think finishing up the controller mapping would be a great idea for improvement. 

We seem to have encountered a bug in the final battle where we were no longer able to damage the boss after respawning. That might have just been us being bad at the game (it's possible we entered a stage where damaging the boss wasn't the goal) but we were very sad to see that there was no "load a save" feature and we lost all of our progress. If there would be any way to create saves, that would be a huge improvement. 

Our current plan is to revisit it off stream and get to the actual end so we can show the final battle to anyone who was interested in seeing the conclusion. We hope you got an "A' on this project because you really do deserve it!