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Unbelievable. Framerate is unbelievably choppy on my Nokia N-Gage. Tried playing it on my parents' Gateway 2000 and had similar results. WTF?

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My dude... what on earth possessed you to try using a nokia n-gage to play this?  This is a fan made game in unreal engine, it's not gonna be well optimized.  It also got a C&D like 6 years ago, they're not gonna update or add anything at this point.


Its not hard to believe someone would try to do that when you take a look at other fan games and official games unofficially ported to modded consoles/handhelds, ie. super mario war on a jailbroken nintendo wii/3ds, sonic 3 complete on a jailbroken nintendo wii, SRB2 (Sonic Robo Blast 2) on a jailbroken PSP, with emulation and modding anything is possible.

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Neither example given is built on the Unreal Engine but even so the point here is; r/woooosh