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You first need to lose to the first combat event.

Has there been any updates with the goddess? I really want to see if there are any other events with the lady.

May i ask on how to access the console? Is it like tainted space that there is a secret button or something?

Have you tried one shotting sophia?

There's that sugarcube thing if you want to try, it is much easier actually that way. Offline even.

You can try losing the fight while in the meat tentacle area while trying to rescue Linda. Mistyra will punish you with a sex scene containing those tropes.

Join the slavers from babili, gain their trust, then capture slaves until you reach a certain rank. Then you can buy a cage from there.

Pills are from dr choppy. 

the bunker is unlocked in the world map locations after giving Dr choppy the map.

Or just straight up bury the tribal goddess.

Sounds about right

I think there should be a new questline for the tribal goddess. Like potentially reviving her into one of your companions? Or maybe just make her into your onahole or something.

Also may I ask for some lactation content? And some more Eerie content please.

Maybe some people can't dload through itch?

Also when does edith get a route? I want to know....

I wonder if an auto milker will be added?

it will constantly milk you every so often for your milk and cum (like vibrators) and as long as you have empty bottles you can store them. 

Maybe add a scene with the original milk pump? I really want to see what happens if we get our partners' milk and cum as item (maybe buffs?)

I dunno...

Nice suggestion... hope indivi notices this.



Thanks for info! Now I'm going to try again.

NOW I remember. Used to play it, but i stopped because it is extremely laggy.

For anyone who is wondering how hard the island is, i tried it in a charcter with maxed all stats, and i still lost. I wonder what's the actual reason behind it. 🤣

Game name? For research purposes.

Touhou be like

Do not ask for an end. We all hope this game will progress so much that the APK will reach 1gb. Of good content.

I think it is best to make separate saves for every h scene. Though you can still do some scenes repeatedly. Like those sex sessions with your partners.

Many people like Sophia i guess. Better not anger them more i suppose... I apologise for this post.

You have save editor? Offline please...

In development i guess. This is a really big game after all, so maybe in a later update?


Wonder what would happen if they added a punishment if the player annoyed Sophia (letting her sleep then waking her up) so much (i think 5 times is good enough) that she will straight up attack you, then ban you from entering her room for a week. Also maybe a minus in Ancilla's relationship.

finish manor quest to unlock shops in Transylvania.

if i remember correctly, the pumpkin is either in the Transylvania shop (not the tower). I think.


I think the pumpkin is already there in the game....

I wonder...

If tentacles are a thing, maybe add tentacle powers for the main character? Like a tentacle summon spell like what pixie does, or like an attack? Also maybe we can use it on the other girls like fawn for a nice session.


Just asking because i forgot, how often does indivi update the public version of this game? Every seventh of the month was it?

you can change hair color with hypercamo hair parts.

forgot about that, i think this needs to be a feature. Which includes a wholesome ending as well (i have yet to see the endings).

Funny thing is, i tried to endure everything that Fawn did in that quest (end 25+) and my character hallucinated.

My character saw Mystira (tentacle lady).

cock growth spell i think is after completing the manor quest.