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Just a small complaint/suggestion.

When you do a poll like this it's good to also ask "why?"

Like, you mark the character you dislike the most and explain why. That's more constructive than just knowing who's more disliked.

Yeah I once tried to make a renpy game so I know it can be complicated to learn some stuff

If you feel like you need a pause go ahead. It's better to pause for a while than to force yourself to go on

Not gonna lie, kinda curious about the idea you mentioned

Thanks for the reply. Keep doing your stuff

Since you don't mind more feedback...

Let's say in a future update you give us the option of Beryl going out on a date with Zak or them just staying as friends. I would keep them as just friends. I like the harem scenario going on and don't want to break it

But it might be worth making a poll or something for this in the future to see what others think (there wouldn't be any point in making alternate romantic partners for the girls if no one would pick that choice)

And a personal suggestion, the one thing I disliked about Tutor 1 was that you couldn't make both Rubi and Wanda happy (if you accept incest Wanda is unhappy, if you don't accept it Rubi is unhappy). In the future, I'd like for this to be settled (maybe have a series of choices that end up with either Rubi giving up or Wanda giving in, or something like that. It's just something that left a bitter taste in my mouth since the first game)

As a side note, if you don't mind me asking, what are your plans for the future? I'm not talking about anything plot-related, but rather in general. Like, is there a chance for a Tutor 3 once 2 is done, or maybe are you planning to start something else after, or maybe no plans at all? And, if there is another game, would it be in the same style as the ones before, or maybe change to a more sandbox-y style we usually see in these renpy games? Again, you don't have to answer if you don't want to

Personally, I don't have any ideas for what Rubi could do, so can't help you there

As for Fler and Beryl's new friends, personally I quite like them. Seeing the girls interact with other characters helps develop their own character (like, back on the first game, I never imagined Fler hanging out with the geeks and enjoying it, but having seen it in the second game I liked it)

The only thing I worry about is how it'll affect their romantic involvement with Niko. Right now, only Beryl has shown signs that maybe she likes this other boy, but it could become something for all the girls eventually. I think it can work as long as the player is given the choice (have her go out with the other boy, keep her to yourself, do both, and so on)

But then again, this is your game, so the choice is up to you

Thanks for the update. Too bad I'm a little busy right now but I'll play as soon as I can!

Finished playing through what's available a few days ago. I see that there seems to be some kind of bigger plot here unlike the first game where things kind of just happened. I'm interested to see where it goes.

Keep up the good work. Here's to hoping this game will be as good as the first one once it's finished.