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I have a macbook pro 2015, running macOS Mojave! When I move the mouse in a direction and then stop moving it, the camera continues to drift in that direction. This means it's basically always moving; even when I move the mouse in the opposite direction to get it to stop, it starts drifting that way instead. Hope this helps!!

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I wish I could change the camera sensitivity, it's WAY too sensitive on my mac for some reason ;_; the camera swings in circles around me and it's hard to keep it still

Edit: I improved it somewhat by lowering my mouse dpi all the way down, but I still really dislike that the camera glides without any mouse input, it almost gives me motion sickness ;___;

What a cool experience this was. The writing is super funny, I was invested the whole time, and act 4 actually scared me lol. My trash is some awesome trash!!

So cute!! I love all the lil easter eggs lol

Short & sweet, really nice game!! The atmosphere is on point, the visual style is pretty while the objects are still clear & easily readable. Controls feel good. I appreciated how the wind-rushing sound got louder when sprinting and quieter when crouching... such attention to detail ;w; Now what if these stealth mechanics were paired with the fight mechanics from Brume... 😳 

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Unplayable because of the slow movement speed  ;-; sad because the game looks really spooky and fun, and I wanted to try it!! Idk if it's a problem with just the Mac version or with Windows too, but until there's a fix, definitely skip this one.

EDIT: ok, after attempting to play for a while, there are even more problems... framerate is really low, ropes freak out when I throw them, the WASD controls reverse randomly (forward becomes back, etc), movement speed is even slower in the cave. My computer probably isn't beefy enough to handle the game. I have a mid-2015 macbook pro, so if you have anything as old as that/older, skip this one!! I've heard that lowering the resolution resolves the movement speed issue on windows, but for me, no dice.

This is definitely my favorite sokpop game so far!! The controls are tight, the progression feels awesome, and the difficulty is significant. I just beat my first enemy base, and it feels like a big accomplishment!! The attention to detail is so cool... I like that you can easily tell what kind of resource is on a planet before you land. And the visual style/how planets and asteroid belts look from a distance is SO PRETTY and nice! I didn't have anything to do today, so I may have played this for 5 hrs straight LOL... overall, helionaut has so much polish that I'm shocked it's $3. Really well done!! (ര̀ᴗര́)و 

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exceeded my expectations!! after getting the hang of the controls, it was super fun to jump and climb around--and a good exercise for my fear of heights, lol!! my advice for players: if there's a jump you're attempting again and again and not making it, just stop and go somewhere else. chances are, you'll find a powerup that'll make the jump doable!