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im happy you enjoyed it! :)

The description has achieved komedi

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Nothing is procedure generated.

Yeah that's why we're continuing development because there are still a bunch of stuff to work on.

You're welcome!

You can make a high score system and rewards.

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The world is procedure-generated though

Edit: I think I have a way to work around it

I don't know how to rewind time in Unity. Any help on how?

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There should to be a part where Will Smith says "It's rewind time"


What kind of categories are our games ranked in?

It doesn't work, but thanks for the suggestion anyway

Community Game Jam community · Created a new topic Sound fx

Is there any good, reliable software to do sfx


Do you know how to submit my game when it's done?

Hey! I just made my new game called Purple Hunt! I would really appreciate it if you searched it up on and download it! The platforms that it could be downloaded on is Windows, Linux,  or Mac OS. And hey. I also have a joke to share for Lord of The Rings fans who are also game developers. One boy to make it all. One boy to test it. One boy to publish it in the house that binds him. That's me.

Hey guys I made a game! By going through stress. Just type "Slime Attack!" in the search bar you'll get it. It's a little bad but it's made an 11 year old. Which is Michael. Which is also me.