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I understand you point of view regarding my posting here, however I feel that my post is justified. I make these videos as a hobby to entertain other people, not to make money. I posted my video in this community because I felt that some people here might want to watch it and enjoy the video. Also, I understand that other people have made videos on this game, but I had this video planned well before those videos were made, I first came across this game in its first version and I decide to wait for a few updates before I made my video for features such as proper scripting.

TLDR; I can see why you think of this as an annoying ad, but I posted it here to entertain people.

that is my thinking, thanks for supporting me :)

It is a video on this game, why should it not be shared here?

I have made a video giving an overview of autonauts. I manage to fully automate log, plank and pole production, as well as axes, shovels and basic workers.

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We have created a free game where you have to copy images fast and accurately. It also has a level creator.

It is our first game and we hope that you like it.