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Let me try again, cause last time I just got blanks 5 times

Wishes do not show up, I am just getting blank pages

Keep getting javascript errors 

No better time to start then now I guess

Can you make a SFW version?

They still stay in the same room

Accidentally placed a goblin in the outside space and now he's just standing there for all eternity  

The heroes only stay in the first room and the placement collisions make no sense I try to place a guy in a open pot and it still says I can't place it there.

Please answer 

Hey could you please add a download on here? I can't get steam on my pc

I can't wait to sink in thousands of hours into this game!

I Really like classic literature such as Edgar Alan Poe so that might explain it  

Unexpected Jam community · Created a new topic Hello

Hi this is my first Game Jam I want to actually finish hope it goes great!

What are you mean guys it's a month away now

I'm personally don't want to think about this game I really regret it

I can't skip

Is it normal for the game just to have no more people show up?

The old story twist werided me out 

Nah Ai dungeon does that 

Really loving the look of it looking like a 12 drew it on a piece of scrap paper 

Hello this site really needs dms 

Nice game but if you ever make a expanded version here's what I would recommend: Multiple stories  with diffrent roles to play as in these stories, more Interactions that affect the plot, a custom story creator 

I would like more interaction that affects the story 


Alright thanks I'm actually in the mood to make a visual novel so look out for that?

I do it's on the newground version of this

Well sweet

Thanks I appreciate it