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M dot Strange

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This is the best game I've played in I don't how long 0_0 So awesome! Combat is so good and I love the pixel fx style - sound design is perfect as well. Looking forward to more of this game.

Wow! This is awesome! Really good feeling and fun combat- The boss was scary and challenging.  The enemy movement/behaviors were interesting as well. 

Thanks for checking it out and making a video about it- I watched the whole thing- was fun to see your take on it ^_^ I'm going to make some new ones soon and I'll send them to you fer sure-



Thx for playing! Yeh the rooms shouldn't be able to be opened without entering the keys so a major bug I need to fix ^_^ Also I see that I need to add some more polish to explain to the player what is happening when some important things happen- thx again!

Co-op and talk or die! A freaky co-op escape room game with procedural rooms and puzzles. Battle through freaky rooms filled with monsters with the help of your partner- what awaits behind the next door? No one knows!

Link to the game on

Here is a discord where you might be able to find some weirdo's to play with

Please post bugs/requests/etc on the #gavedevbugreports channel on that discord on here in the comments- Thank you-

Add your human voice waves to make WeirdoWare living documents.