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A dark souls parody "HUMP n PUMP" game.

Having played your previous games as well- you are an amazing gameplay designer/programmer!  I don't think I've seen any indie games with gameplay as good and as polished as this!

Pretty spooky! Nice work!

Thanks for checking it out ^_^

Hey thanks for playing- expect more weird little games from us soon!

Hmmm so you mean a cloth simulation gone wrong? Point cached pants cloth animation simulated alone without legs? Pantsmime? Another new thing I need to be afraid of...thank you- I have another reason to not leave my designed personal bubble hovel living space.

We need to pass this on to his agent.

Ah, abductions only happen when your cooling is not right. What you need to do is haul up a few cows and run your cooling cables through cored out rectum cores- that's how we Zeta Reticulans do it.

I did not know that- things make a lot of sense now knowing they are both filled with tri's- brb going to go work out my quads in a pentagon made of n-gons with a floor covered with a fake lawn. This comment was astroturfing by someone in Maui about to go workout on astroturf.

Hmmm could they possible represent growing inflation rates leading to hyperinflation? I think you are on to something with this economics/tits connection. We now need a white paper on this new field of econotits that has recently been discovered.

While waiting for the developers I drink Korean PINE needle tea to protect me from American football spike proteins that cause brain damage like American football helmet collisions in the rigid body simulation called life 0.1.1a ALPHA

Yes Charles is pumping our bags until they achieve liftoff to Pluto and beyond IF we can achieve more than 2 transactions per year on our sneakernet based blockchain made of actual wooden blocks.

Yes, his name actually refers to DEEP learning packed torrent scene releases of chopped and screwed mixtapes created by.....THE CIA.

I heard this was made in an underclocked human plasma cooled Ti85 calculator running an early version of Roblox moviemaker.

WAit no?! Its violent pantomime NOT PANTONE! But now that you mention the color swatches used in this film are also VIOLENCE

Also Toktik is the secret DARPA project funded by the CIA to people the take over of phones by holding them upside down.

Where are the hand drawn characters?! Where are the sand animation characters!? Where are the clay characters?! 

Speaking of the clay characters... this film uses computer graphics(CG) to artistically appropriate clay! It has CG pretending to be clay, this is wrong!

This film is CLEARLY a POLYGONAL SUPREMACIST film! Made by evil CG people!

This is madness! Someone needs to ban this or make a PSA starring celebrities telling everyone how bad it is...and about the dangers of CG SUPREMACY!

I will NOT be watching this because the person that made it has opinions that I've been told are bad. I've also been told that the opinions in this film that doesn't even have words are bad, I think they called it "hate pantomime" in the tweet I saw about it. I will not be watching this movie filled with HATE PANTOMIME! HATE PANTOMIME IS VIOLENT ANIMATION!

I'm disappointed that the person  that made this uses spreadsheets. I watched a yt video that said spreadsheets are bad and also saw a yahoo news article about how they are bad and also cnn said they are bad. So I will  not be watching this.

This reminds me of Tim Burton.

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I heard that is movie was made by a GAN- they just like trained it with a bunch of hentai and weird movies and then it made this. Its not monetized because legally GAN's can't sell their creations yet because Elon Musk doesn't like Bitcoin.

I heard that the original M doll is a voodoo type doll dropped into the gutter by a UFO so that weird guy would find it and make mind control movies so we all want to eat ice cream made by reptilian aliens so that we get diabetes because they like eating people with diabetes because they taste better when they are eaten by reptilian aliens.

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I heard that this is the game that saM hyDe Over Time has been working on secretly. He just cuts height like Shane Carwin when he's pretending to be the guy with the hat. NOT the youtube channel called the guy with the hat because why would I waste my time watching a do nothing person doing commentary?

I heard this was made in Gmod and like I could do this too in Gmod if I had a 3090 but I only have a 3080 so its unpossible for me. Back to spending 5000 hours playing games on Steam now.

So my theory is that M doll means buy M doll coin- %67678999 gains since yesterday. Amazing growth! Join the team, to tha MOON, TO MARZ! Faster, cheaper and betterer than Ethereum.

I heard that Steam banned this because NFT's kill people and they are protecting us from jpeg's with sharp corners because they care about us so much.

I heard the CIA made Bitcoin and then the GRU made Ethereum and since this film has an NFT this film was made by the Illuminati because triangles, confirmed.

I heard the CIA made this to get people to join Tiktok because like China took over the CIA.

M doll community · Created a new topic My M doll theory

I think like the director just like did a lot of drugs and like the film doesn't mean anything at all maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Or possibly its also...aliens.... X anon predicted this... also the film is literally a Nazi and didn't even wear a mask. It should be banned.

Great post- thank you!