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Really enjoyed it - big fan of the visuals :D
While my twitter is tiny I'll do what I can some spread some light towards the city of Raven and Lutum!

Another video for you - I was wondering how long it took you to make this game? You've knocked it out of the park visually in terms of graphics, style and presentation overall. I'm super impressed by how much I loved such a short game!

I realize I messed up the thumbnail a little <.< Noticed when I was adding title to the video "My friend is a Ra- wait... Raven.. DAMMIT!" XD

Do you have a twitter I could shout out?

Super good game, would love to see a lot more of this tbh 馃榿

Noooo, thank YOU for making a cool game we can all try out! 馃榿

Hello! I played your game! I actually REALLY like it - controls are really tight and the pace is high. It's too difficult for me, but still really cool. I kept thinking of an endless amount of things to add to the game which I do when I feel a game could be so good with more content. You've got something great going here! Super good for an early beta!!

The immediate feedback I was going to give has been mentioned already in most of the comments, I hope you keep working on this 馃槉

Tried the thing - really enjoyable game. Love the visuals and the emptiness of it. Puzzles are straight forward which makes them really enjoyable for a dum dum like me :D

Very pleasant experience!

Love the setting of the game! It felt a liiiiittle too small maybe? Or maybe that adds to it, can't quite figure out how I felt about it. Lots going on at all times, but really liked it overall :D

Had some performance issues, but that might've been my PC - really like this, good length and a good level of spooky 馃榿

Very strange shadows, but once I had some time to think about it I actually thought it was pretty cool - adds feelings of super natural stuff. If you keep working on it, consider keeping the shadows moving the same way but slight less dark maybe? :D

Good job with everything!

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Tried this yesterday and it was quite unpleasant... Well done :D 
Loved the setting and the feel of the game - the way the shadows move (very un-natural) confused me at first but it really does add a lot to the games charm and style.. It's pretty unsettling <.<

Just played this and you guys did a great job with this game. I love the mindfucky parts and the balance between creepy stuff happening that you can't quite see and jump scares!

The game looks great visually and the gameplay is solid. The monster gave me Amnesia flashbacks... It's all around an "enjoyable" experience!

Grymt bra jobbat! :D

As mentioned in the youtube comment, I totally forgot it the moment I started the game... Kind of how you forget what you were going to do the moment you enter a room... :D

I'm gonna have to give it another go now that I know how to aim ^^

Thanks so much, looking forward to the full release!

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Hey, Nerdrage! I just played your game and really enjoyed it. I was in a bit of a rush when I recorded so I didn't read all of the logs and story-texts, sorry! D:

Not sure what your stance is on posting a video like this here, but I hope you don't mind. :p

I think my favourite things in the game are the visual aspects. The pixel art is very solid and the lighting and visual effects look super good, and really add to the atmosphere of the game. This makes the game a very pleasant experience. On top of that the pace is good, the combat is solid and those damn environmental hazards caught me off guard :D

The one thing I'd say was awkward I guess is the keyboard+mouse controls in combat. I did not use a controller and it didn't take me long to realize why you recommend playing the game with one :p Aiming was difficult as hell, but while it was quirky it was also kinda fun trying to panic snipe the little aliens with it... I voted for you on greenlight, and I think you'll make it through easily.

Looking forward to more of the game.

You owe me a new brain... My old one melted D:

Seriously though. I loved this game. The impossible geometry and portally stuff is great! Reeeeally well done!

Holy shit, this game was great! It's been a while since I was exhausted after playing a horror game. Loved the ramp up and the psychadelic stuff after the first half of the demo. Really good stuff!

Woohoo! >:D

This game was great, dude. I love the arcadey fast paced attempts and restarts.

The only downsides are audio and only 1 level :( But I managed to find some other ways to have fun with the game >:D

Video for you guys! Also, the stuttering in the video is on my end. I messed up the recording a bit, nothing wrong with YT or game performance. D:

Just played this, and only after did I see all the comments about the game and it's non-future. Just gonna echo what's been said and agree it's a shame it has been abandoned if that is the case.

Some video for you all anyways, check it out!

ah fair enough! It''s a really neat concept so I'm hoping to see more from you guys in the future! For a 48hr game you really did a good job with the game mechanics and atmosphere

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I really like the concept, but I feel the levels are slightly to tight/cramped for it to really shine. Much of the time I had to just go in randomly and scout ahead, because trying to figure out the layout of objects and avoiding the monster at the same time is a bit hard :D

Loved the visuals and the areas though. The way things looks really works well.

With slightly more space and fewer tight corridors this could be a really cool thing! Want to see more in the future!

Super cute game. I used to play tons of puzzle flash games back in the day (and I never got any better at it... :D ). This game reminds me of those games. It's awesome. It looks and sounds really great. I love the low-poly graphics style and the music is relaxing. :D

Really clever mechanics in this game. I really think it's going to become a great thing, I loved it! Everything about it is pretty much awesome.

Finally tried it out! While I don't have a problem with clowns, jumpscares are one of my greatest weaknesses :P They will always get me to some degree no matter how unscary they may be...

If only I had VR, it would probably have ended with tears in fetal position at the foot of the bed...

I played it, it works well. The audio for the weapons are burned into my ears though :P

Visually it looks pleasing and the controls are okay. Good job!

Ah that's awsome. Loved it :D

Hey, I enjoyed the game. I didn't run into any problems while playing it, and I'd love to know what the being is eventually!

I really liked the music, did you guys make it? It was great anyways :D

I really enjoyed the low poly and beautiful colours of your game. Looks really good, the blurring that happens is a bit tiring for the eyes (depth of field shenanigans maybe?).

It took me a while to realize that I didn't need to use the tools on the walls to craft the weapons :p

The bug I encountered is at the end of the video. If you pick up a hammer (or sword) and twist the hammer head/blade, stand on it while it's on the ground and try to pick it up you will launch into outer space. It's pretty funny :D

Hey guys, I played your game and it's pretty great. Love the setting, atmosphere, mystery and humor!

If you click the break baking machine (without the dough in hand) the game crashes.

Here's my playthrough if you want to see it. Crash happens at roughly 20:40!

I too played your game! It was nice, but the mouse sens is way to high.

More maps please!

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I gave it a spin as well. I really enjoyed the level design, especially the forlorn abandoned factory-part. Would love to see more of that in a game. Maybe with more dimmed and spooky lights, and a slightly scary fellow sneaking about... >:D

Your modeling is great imo, the cave and factory are really nice and feel very genuine. The mountainous area not so much, but that's probably because of the backdrop more than the buildings there, which are also very nice!

As for the story I had an idea of what it could be, but I actually don't know if I'm right.

Edit: I just had to add this. A friend pointed this out to me, I didn't realize it at first. The narrator sounds SO MUCH like Trey Parker from South Park! Like holy shit similar :D If this happened by accident or not doesn't matter, it makes it better! I do love me some South Park!

I played your game, it's really good!

It seems you can't wall-jump with the D-Pad (arrows). That can only be done with the left stick, not sure if intentional or not, but I figured I'd mention it!

Keep up the good work, though. The game played really well

Neat game! Not a big fan of the walking parts, they were more of a chore than anything else. The bedroom was fun though!

I'm curious about the ending, is there a conclusion (who/what is the mudrerer etc) or is it an open ending?

Oooh, a mountain. I kinda assumed I was at ground level and fell into a hole :P

It's a good project, looking forward to more from you guys some day!

I too played your game! It seems I suck at puzzles because I did it backwards and messed 'em up :D

I did NOT expect the golems, really caught me off guard. I enjoyed it!

Looking forward to more of this. The lonely and sometimes very creepy atmosphere is great! Want to know what happens for sure.

A simple littel let's play for you all :D

I played your game, it's really cozy! Love the isometric cube artstyle. It was so very stressful the first 2 runs where so many things pop up on the screen, the time is running faster than Usain Bolt and people enter and leave your apartment as they please. I even ended trying to cheat and still lost... :D

Really liked the game though!

I played your game too and I'm really impressed. There were some performance issues but I'm sure you're aware of this already.

Keep it up though because I definitely want to see more of this! :D

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I enjoyed it, short but effective!

It was pretty creepy and having monsters breathing down your neck while running away might be the most stressful thing ever :D