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yep, you’ve gotten all 10 acorns

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duplicate words

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oh okay thank you

edit: it works now for some reason

i am using a Google Chrome browser :(

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help me

it says: An embedded page at says Your browser does not support WebGL

i think you have to pay for it

haven’t reached that far yet.

sad that i only reached 655, it’s 7:09 PM in my country-

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actually, you can move anything by clicking (except for the clock and table)

i finally won 3rd try, greg just loves me too much-


this was a fun game, i really liked it, but anyway what happens if i keep giving the beggar money? i dont think anything will happen but something might happen

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so uh somehow, when i struck the wood thingy, all my fish friends disappeared and i couldnt call anymore, but when i left click, the screen just shakes, but nothing else happens.

I've booped the cat at least 20 times now.

Ok, thanks!

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I really love this game! but why are they frozen? ;-;  (at the end of this comment its actually something that's serious)

they're still frozen ;-; (they aren't in the picture btw)

they can eat but they can't move

entered a different room, this is what happened

i died, restarted, why can't i move?

oh nvm i can move now but my creatures still can't move ;-;


i changed creatures, they can move now :D


now they won't eat-

nvm its ok now

can't get out of this text:

can't even pause the game ;-;

This looks cool, sad I can't play it since Flash is dead :(

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wait what-

anddd all my plants died ;n;

well i picked up something else but they're still floating

yes i tried picking up the bucket again but the same thing happened as picture 2

oh nvm i'll just restart (press R key to restart)

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how do i get off the building? :')

i don't even know how to explain how i got on it

oh nvm its ok now

why can't i pass

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I can't launch it, it says "The code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_43.dll was not found."

well that killed my brain

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X, Z, and space doesn't do anything

Great game, the design is nice! But I think I found a bug, I died with 2 hearts on the floor, when I restarted, the 2 hearts on the floor were still there, so now I have 2 extra HP

its not really that hard since i know what to do now, before i got to test #5 i thought i had to copy from the people that had a + sign in their thought bubble, i really like this game, hope the full version comes out soon! :)

its a nice game, its hard to control so its pretty hard, but i lost the game because i got my arm stuck in a wall

a good and kinda hard game! but i didn't get to play the last level.

great game! loved it.