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The game was meant to be fully playable and I do believe it was the web export that caused the issue. Thanks for playing.

Sadly it seems that got messed up on export and edits aren't possible. I will definitely update post voting so that its playable in case you want to stop back.


Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback. Sadly I can't edit during the jam period as during testing that jump was possible, but now that its uploaded it seems impossible. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I think I am going to make a full version based on this game because I really like the idea of it.

Overall I can see potential in this game, however, I feel there is much room for improvement. 


I really liked the art style and thought the animations were well done.

I appreciated that there was a variety of enemies and obstacles.


I felt the speed/jump height of the player needed to be lowered significantly as I frequently was hitting obstacles / enemies just due to the poor control of my character.

No sound aside from the background music.

No indication of the player dying.  He just kind of stopped


I felt the collisions were okay, but there was definitely room for improvement, for instance, running into the back of an enemy or their head or feet would kill me, when it should probably have just been their front / sword. The arrows also, if I landed on top of the shaft of the arrow I would die, which, could be frustrating at times.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely am going to continue / redo this as a full game. I honestly only had about 4 -5 hours to work on this so it was minimal. Glad you enjoyed it.