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Thank you! I'm really loving this game, everything is super well thought out and implemented in a very concise way. Keep up the amazing work! Can't wait to see where the next update takes us! :)

When is the next update?

The one that you can buy the Stamina drinks from wont go to the farm. What am I doing wrong?

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So I could have swore I did something in the Police Station with the cheif, Arlene, and the people in the meeting when I first played a few months back. Now I can't seem to remember how do it or what I'm supposed to do.

Will the new version be available for android as well, or will that depend on the66?

I know you only published this game a couple weeks ago, but when is there going to be an update? I'm really enjoying this game and would love to see more

"Talked" to the cow 5 times and gave her the serum, cant find a way to increase her exp.

Any chance of an Android version? Would love to play it

When is the next update?

When is the next update coming to Itch?

You have to have Rinny as a follower, talk to the citizens on your way up to the graveyard. One of them will mention the Succubi stealing people and Rinny will deny it and suggest heading to Master's Manor. From there just go to the graveyard, click/tap on the blockade and Rinny should offer to fly you over

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Android

Any plans to port this to Android?

How do you get into the Torture Building (Can't remember the name, just know you need a membership or something) in New Ark? I've tried everything I could think of but it doesn't seem to unlock

Thank you for the info.

As for the owl, yeah I did that, talked to the girl at the entrance again, and error code appeared when I went to go inside the castle, like I said, it won't let me ignore it. Something about the entrance hall being invalid or something like that. I'll try to get the full error script for you

Whats the difference between the two Android hotfixes? Hotfix 7 displays an error code message that will not allow me to continue after stopping the couple from kissing at the beginning, hotfix 8 will not install on my phone

Also, when can we expect another update?

Android doesn't come in a zip file, you probably downloaded the pc file

Thank you ^^ It really is a wonderfully engaging game and I can't wait to see what v1.0 will bring if you have all this engaging story and character development ccomplished at build v0.19

Bring Mie back! I cried when she had to leave, its not fair :,(

When will v0.20 be available here?

Read further down in the comments, there is a way for you to fix the issue yourself relatively easily, I had the same problem lol

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When can we expect the next update to fall? Its been almost the two weeks, and I am just curious. 

Love the game thus far. I have explored every possible option to this point and am just so curious to see where you take this marvelous game.