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Whats the difference between the two Android hotfixes? Hotfix 7 displays an error code message that will not allow me to continue after stopping the couple from kissing at the beginning, hotfix 8 will not install on my phone

1.Drug owl on the Board adds.
2. Its for different android versions, if you have 7 or lower - use v7, if upper 7 use v8. Its google thing, we cant do only one version for all. Sorry
Faq for game
Thank you for support!

Thank you for the info.

As for the owl, yeah I did that, talked to the girl at the entrance again, and error code appeared when I went to go inside the castle, like I said, it won't let me ignore it. Something about the entrance hall being invalid or something like that. I'll try to get the full error script for you

How do I get past the girl near the door with the 2 on the bench